Alumni Interviews

Alumni Interviews

PGSS alumni make an impact in a variety of professions and endeavors, including law, science, medicine, business, education, and the creative arts. They are often leaders and innovators in their fields. Here are some alumni stories captured through interviews by fellow alumni.

Thanks to Joe Suyama (PGSS 1989) for organizing the more recent interviews, and to Mark Meier (PGSS 1994) for organizing the earlier ones. If you are interested in interviewing, or being interviewed, please get in touch!

Mitchella Gilbert (PGSS 2008)

The Femtech Founder Creating Sportswear That Prevents Vaginal Infections Secures $1.3M To Scale

Maria Duaime Robinson (PGSS 2004)

Celebrating One Year of Building a Better Grid

PGSS Annual Alumni Challenge – $220K

During our recent PGSS Annual Alumni Challenge, we had 95 class agents working with their years. Our final tally was […]

PGSS 1994 had their first ever virtual reunion hosted by Alfred Schnabel. They had a very fun evening.

Ben Duan-Porter (PGSS 1994) and Denise Duan-Porter (PGSS 1995)

Ben and Denise met in college at Penn State!

Kai Tinsley (PGSS 2015) and Dominique Holt (PGSS 2013)

Kai Tinsley (PGSS 2015) and Dominique Holt (PGSS 2013) were both born and raised and Philly but didn’t meet each […]

Eddie Brooks and Lavanya Suvikumar (PGSS 2008)

Eddie Brooks and Lavanya Suvikumar first met at PGSS Gov School in 2008, and after going to undergrad together at [...]

Matt Kapelewski and Rebecca Triano (PGSS 2007)

Matt Kapelewski and Rebecca Triano met on the very first day of PGSS in June 2007. Matt was attending the [...]

Abhay Gokhale (PGSS 1994) and Sheela Joshi (PGSS 1994)

Abhay Gokhale (PGSS 1994) and Sheela Joshi (PGSS 1994) are married. They re-connected in 2006 when they both returned to […]

Rupali Kotwal Doshi (PGSS 1995) and Saumil Doshi (1994)

Rupali Kotwal Doshi (PGSS 1995) and Saumil Doshi (1994) are married. They both attended Brown University and are physicians currently.

Chris Mohl and Jackee Nowicke class of 2003

Chris Mohl and Jackee Nowicke, both class of 2003, were married in April 2012. They are both Engineers living in […]

Yiying Xu and Shiying Cao met at PGSS 2004.

Yiying Xu and Shiying Cao met at PGSS 2004.

Anita Vin and Kishan Parikh class of 2001

Anita Vin and Kishan Parikh were members of the PGSS class of 2001, and were married in 2009.

Benjamin Slavin and Margaret Smitka Slavin class of 2001

Benjamin Slavin and Margaret Smitka Slavin class of 2001 are married. Margaret was a TA in 2004 and 2005, and […]

Beverly Jogan and Keith Mathers class of 1997

Beverly Jogan and Keith Mathers attended PGSS in 1997, and were both TAs in 2002 and 2003. Having been married […]

Tammy Stolz, class of 1997 and Matt Solitro, class of 1992

Tammy Stolz, class of 1997 and Matt Solitro, class of 1992, were both also PGSS TAs. They are now married, […]

Nick Fitzkee and Jennifer Davis, class of 1996

Nick Fitzkee and Jennifer Davis, class of 1996

Kelly Perry and Matt Leerberg

Kelly Perry and Matt Leerberg were in the PGSS class of 1995. They were both TAs in 1998 and 1999, […]

Heather Rowell Michalak and Phillip Michalak, class of 1993

Heather Rowell Michalak and Phillip Michalak, of the class of 1993, were married in 2002.

Rick Romero and Jennifer Pietruska, class of 1991

Rick Romero and Jennifer Pietruska, class of 1991

Dan Yocum and Karen Cross

Dan Yocum and Karen Cross, pictured to the right, met during the summer of 1989 at PGSS!

Jamie Cannone and Diane McMahon, class of 1988

Jamie Cannone and Diane McMahon, class of 1988

Shawn Hernan and Karen Yesko, class of 1983

Shawn Hernan and Karen Yesko, class of 1983

PGSS 1988 Virtual Reunion

PGSS 1988 had a virtual reunion recently and enjoyed catching up. In the screenshot are Eric Morton (TA), Alan Chang, […]

Where did PGSS 2021 govies head for college this fall?

Where did PGSS 2021 govies head for college this fall? Check it out on this map.  

Sarah Fisher (PGSS 2020)

PGSS Celebrates 40th Anniversary

PGSS was started in 1982 as the Pennsylvania School for the Sciences (the G was added the next year), and […]

Syeda Ahmad

Syeda Ahmad(TA: 2006) College/Degrees Carnegie Mellon, Chemistry Employer/Job Title Carnegie Mellon, Special Faculty, Dept of Chemistry Accomplishments Senior Leadership Award […]

Spencer Katz

Spencer Katz(2008) College/Degrees Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Testimonial PGSS has had a profound impact on my life and I consider […]

Lucas Rhodes

Lucas Rhodes(2008) College/Degrees Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Testimonial PGSS allowed me to experience science at an in depth level that […]

Jonathan Schall

Jonathan Schall(2008) College/Degrees will attend the University of Scranton this fall on a full Presidential Scholarship majoring in biochemistry and […]

Natalie Morris

Natalie Morris(2007) College/Degrees Carnegie Mellon, pursuing a double major in Computer Science and Physics Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Testimonial When […]

Michele Kim

Michele Kim(2007) College/Degrees University of Pennsylvania Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Testimonial My interest in the sciences increased with my research […]

Diya Das

Diya Das(2007) College/Degrees Princeton Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments RPI medal award, and a National Merit Scholarship Testimonial PGSS was the […]

Molly Kozminsky

Molly Kozminsky(2007) College/Degrees MIT Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Participated in a BattleCode 2009 team, placing top 24 out of over […]

Cecily Sunday

Cecily Sunday(2007) College/Degrees Carnegie Mellon University, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy (currently enrolled, to graduate in 2012) Employer/Job […]

Stanley Zheng

Stanley Zheng(2007) College/Degrees Harvard College Class of 2012 (Degree Candidate in Applied Mathematics) Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Testimonial I think […]

Caroline Hsu

Caroline Hsu(2007) College/Degrees working toward Bachelor of Science in Chemical-Biological Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Employer/Job Title Undergraduate […]

Isabela Negrin

Isabela Negrin(2007) College/Degrees Freshman at University of Pittsburgh Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments University of Pittsburgh Honors College, Honors Full Tuition […]

Melissa Elfont

Melissa Elfont(2007) College/Degrees University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2012 Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Testimonial PGSS was one of the most […]

Jonathan Chu

Jonathan Chu(2007) College/Degrees Carnegie Mellon University, Prospective B.S. in C.S. Math minor Employer/Job Title IBM Extreme Blue, Technical Software Engineer […]

Liyun Jin

Liyun Jin(2007) College/Degrees Harvard 2012 Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Testimonial

Sharon Warner

Sharon Warner(2007) College/Degrees Haverford College, freshman Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments commended by National Merit Assocation, AP Scholar, salutatorian of high […]

Andrew Watkins

Andrew Watkins(2006) College/Degrees Harvard College ’11, in pursuit of a BA in Chemistry Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Testimonial It’s difficult […]

Chris Tralie

Chris Tralie(2006) College/Degrees Bachelor’s of Science and Engineering candidate at Princeton University, undergraduate class of 2011 Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments […]

Amy Liao

Amy Liao(2006) College/Degrees Yale University, New Haven, CT. BS, Mathematics (expected May 2011) Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Testimonial PGSS truly […]

Jack Zhang

Jack Zhang(2006) College/Degrees Duke University BS Political Science Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Several Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science First Place […]

Alexander Laun

Alexander Laun(2006) College/Degrees United States Naval Academy, Class of 2011 Bachelor’s of Science Degree Major: Naval Architecture Minor: Russian Employer/Job […]

Madeline Eckenrode

Madeline Eckenrode(2006) College/Degrees Current sophomore at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Carswell Scholar at Wake […]

Julia Goldner

Julia Goldner(2006) College/Degrees Brown University, Biomedical Engineering, class of 2011 Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments National Merit Scholarship Testimonial PGSS gave […]

Kim Krisada

Kim Krisada(2006) College/Degrees Yale University, Class of 2011 Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Contributing writer to The Triple Helix Testimonial PGSS […]

Karen Tsai

Karen Tsai(2006) College/Degrees Princeton University Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments 1st Runner Up in America’s Junior Miss Testimonial I cannot express […]

Kylie Witherel

Kylie Witherel(2006) College/Degrees Rice University (2011) Employer/Job Title Accomplishments Testimonial PGSS has given me the opportunity to attend a top […]

Lynley Doonan

Lynley Doonan(2006) College/Degrees Carnegie Mellon University 2011 Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Testimonial PGSS led me back to my love of […]

Laura Barg-Walkow

Laura Barg-Walkow(2006) College/Degrees Rice University Employer/Job Title Research Assisant at Rice University Accomplishments Century Scholar, Trustee Distinguished Scholarship, listed as […]

Kaleigh Felisberto

Kaleigh Felisberto(2005 TA:2008) College/Degrees University, currently attending for a BA in Chem Employer/Job Title The Historian, the official journal of […]

Julia Meisel

Julia Meisel(2005) College/Degrees Yale, Environmental Management Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments accepted to Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies joint […]

Kevin Bancroft

Kevin Bancroft(2005) College/Degrees Penn State, working on an honors Chemistry B.S. Employer/Job Title Penn State Earth and Mineral Sciences college, […]

Liuyi (Ye) Pei

Liuyi (Ye) Pei(2005) College/Degrees California Institute of Technology, still earning my B.S. Employer/Job Title Caltech Accomplishments Testimonial While I’ve always […]

Brian Kroener

Brian Kroener(2005) College/Degrees expected Biological Basis of Behavior, School of Arts and Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2010 […]

Andrew Ko

Andrew Ko(2005) College/Degrees Attending Carnegie Mellon University Expected Graduation Date: Dec 2010 Majoring in Computer Science Double major in Discrete […]

Stephanie Li

Stephanie Li(2005) College/Degrees Duke University Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Testimonial PGSS exposed me to other students who were as motivated […]

Jason Ma

Jason Ma(2005) College/Degrees Stanford University Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Testimonial It was my first opportunity to do what I wanted […]

Hannah Yin

Hannah Yin(2004 TA: 2008) College/Degrees – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (will graduate in May 2009 with B.S. […]

David Renshaw

David Renshaw(2004) College/Degrees B.S. Mathematics 2009, California Institute of Technology Employer/Job Title Undergraduate at Caltech. Accomplishments Ku, Cheng-Yeaw and David […]

Mollie Schwartz

Mollie Schwartz(2004) College/Degrees Columbia College, Columbia University, BA May 2009 in Chemical Physics Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments 2008 Goldwater Scholar; […]

Christopher Baldassano

Christopher Baldassano(2004) College/Degrees Princeton University, BSE in Electrical Engineering with certificates in Physics and Robotics Employer/Job Title Offers for fully-funded […]

David Chi

David Chi(2004) College/Degrees United States Military Academy at West Point Duke University, B.S. in Biology Employer/Job Title Future Plans: Teach […]

Maria Duaime

Maria Duaime(2004) College/Degrees MIT, chemical engineering (undergraduate) Employer/Job Title I’ll be working for Navigant Consultants in Burlington MA as a […]

Jeremy Hurwitz

Jeremy Hurwitz(2003 TA:2006) College/Degrees MIT: BS in Math BS in Computer Science M.Eng. in Computer Science (current) CalTech: starting a […]

Laura Anzaldi

Laura Anzaldi(2003 TA: 2006,2007,2008) College/Degrees Duke ’08, Chemistry BS with a concentration in Pharmacology and a minor in Biology Employer/Job […]

Daniel Denis

Daniel Denis(2003 TA: 2006) College/Degrees MIT, B.S. in Nuclear Science and Engineering, B.S. in Literature Employer/Job Title MIT Plasma Science […]

Elena Glassman

Elena Glassman(2003) College/Degrees MIT, B.S. in Electrical Sci and Eng., M.Eng in Elec. Eng./Comp. Sci. expected in 2009 Employer/Job Title […]

Kim Weston

Kim Weston(2003) College/Degrees Carnegie Mellon, BS in Computer Science, May 2008 Cornell University, working towards a PhD (expected ~2013) Employer/Job […]

Ojus Doshi

Ojus Doshi(2003) College/Degrees Brown University; B.A. Biology Employer/Job Title Genentech, Inc., Process Development Rotational Program Accomplishments Publication in Journal of […]

Jean Yang

Jean Yang(2003) College/Degrees Harvard University; Bachelor in Arts in Computer Science, Magna Cum Laude Employer/Job Title Ph.D. student at MIT […]

Ojus Doshi

Ojus Doshi(2003) College/Degrees Brown University Class of 2008, BA Biology Employer/Job Title Genentech, Inc., Research Associate Accomplishments Testimonial

David Lo

David Lo(2003) College/Degrees Duke University, B.S. in Biology Employer/Job Title Medical Student at Drexel University College of Medicine Accomplishments Testimonial

Sarah Krahe

Sarah Krahe(2003) College/Degrees Penn State University (2008) – B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy […]

Allison Lau

Allison Lau(2003) College/Degrees Penn State University, BS in Biology (2008) Employer/Job Title Graduate Student, Harvard Medical School Accomplishments Lau AN, […]

Joshua Cogan

Joshua Cogan(2003) College/Degrees The Johns Hopkins University Fall 2004-Spring 2008 Bachelor of Science in Physics Spring 2008 Bachelor of Arts […]

Hui Ying Wen

Hui Ying Wen(2003) College/Degrees MIT, B.S. Aerospace Engineering with Information Technology, B.S. Humanities Employer/Job Title NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, flight […]

Katie Liu

Katie Liu(2003) College/Degrees Duke University, Class of 2008: B.S. in Biology, B.S. in Psychology, Concentration in Neuroscience Employer/Job Title University […]

Jackee Nowicke

Jackee Nowicke(2003) College/Degrees MIT, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Employer/Job Title The Boeing Company, V-22 Osprey Helicopter Structural Engineering Analysis Accomplishments […]

Jonathan Shahlman

Jonathan Shahlman(2003) College/Degrees B.S. Physics, Carnegie Mellon University 2008 Ph.D. Physics, University of Pennsylvania 2013 (underway) Employer/Job Title Graduate Student […]

Joe Roberts

Joe Roberts(2002 TA:2005-2008) College/Degrees State University, BS Math,Physics Current employer and position: University of Michigan, Ph.D. Math in progress Employer/Job […]

Toby Liss

Toby Liss(2002 TA: 2006) College/Degrees University of Pittsburgh, BA Linguistics, BS Ecology & Evolution Employer/Job Title Teach for America 2008 […]

David Pickett

David Pickett(2002 TA: 2005,2006) College/Degrees The University of Chicago – Biological Sciences with a specialization in Neuroscience Employer/Job Title The […]

Sara Mustin

Sara Mustin(2002) College/Degrees MIT Class of 2007, BS in Computer Science & Engineering Employer/Job Title Google, Partner Technology Manager Accomplishments […]

Ying Lei

Ying Lei(2002) College/Degrees Harvard University, B.A. in Physics; Harvard University, M.A. in Chemistry Employer/Job Title Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Research […]

Meghan Johnson

Meghan Johnson(2002) College/Degrees BA in biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania, currently a PhD graduate student at UCLA for Biochemistry […]

Nick Vidnovic

Nick Vidnovic(2002) College/Degrees Harvard U, 2007 — AB cum laude in Chemistry Employer/Job Title Curently an Associate with The Boston […]

Rena Zheng

Rena Zheng(2002) College/Degrees University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Arts in Biology Employer/Job Title Currently in medical school at University of […]

Ray He

Ray He(2002) College/Degrees MIT BS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ’07, Master of Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ’08 […]

Roberta DiLeo

Roberta DiLeo(2002) College/Degrees Rochester Institute of Technology, BS in Physics, MS in Materials Science and Engineering, Employer/Job Title pursuing a […]

Matthew Meisel

Matthew Meisel(2002) College/Degrees Harvard College, AB in Chemistry and Chemical Biology Employer/Job Title Associate consultant at Bain & Company Accomplishments […]

Laura Sheard

Laura Sheard(2002) College/Degrees Muhlenberg College (2003-2007), BS in Neuroscience. University of Washington (2007-present), PhD in Pharmacology (pending) Employer/Job Title Graduate […]

Kimberly Payne

Kimberly Payne(2001 TA:2004) College/Degrees State, B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, currently at University of Pittsburgh for Ph.D. in Integrated […]

Nathan Stock

Nathan Stock(2001) College/Degrees Carnegie Mellon University class of 2006: B.S. in physics, B.A. in philosophy. University of Arizona M.S. in […]

Michael Shafique

Michael Shafique(2001) College/Degrees Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, BSE in Finance 2007 University of Virginia, MD Candidate 2011 Employer/Job Title […]

Brintha Vasagar

Brintha Vasagar(2001) College/Degrees University (B.S.), Ross University School of Medicine (3rd year Med Student) Employer/Job Title Medical Student Accomplishments Raised […]

Rachel Tundel

Rachel Tundel(2001) College/Degrees MIT~ B.S. in chemistry Columbia University ~ PhD program Employer/Job Title Graduate student Accomplishments 4 publications as […]

Jordan Strom

Jordan Strom(2001) College/Degrees B.S. Yale College Biology ’06, 3rd Year Medical Student at Harvard Medical School, Class of 2011 Employer/Job […]

Pam Montayne

Pam Montayne(2001) College/Degrees Penn State, B.S. Aerospace Engineering ’05, M.S. Aerospace Engineering ’08 Employer/Job Title The Boeing Company (Philadelphia), Aerospace […]

Cynthia Wu

Cynthia Wu(2001) College/Degrees Swarthmore College, BA in Biochemistry with minor in Mathematics, High Honors, Phi Beta Kappa. Employer/Job Title year […]

Renee Szumski

Renee Szumski(2001) College/Degrees 1. University of Scranton 2006 Biochem Major with minors in Psychology, Theology, Biology; Summa Cum Laude 2. […]

Monica Lewis

Monica Lewis(2001) College/Degrees BSc in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering Employer/Job Title Arup, Mechanical Engineer in Sustainable Building Design Accomplishments Testimonial […]

Laura Morton

Laura Morton(2001) College/Degrees University of Notre Dame, B.S. Biochemistry Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, D.O. in June 2010 Employer/Job Title […]

Brian Heath

Brian Heath(2001) College/Degrees Kettering University B.S. Industrial Engineering, Wright State University M.S. Industrial Engineering, Future: Wright State University Ph.D. Industrial […]

Nina Hsu

Nina Hsu(2001) College/Degrees Duke University (BS, 2006), University of Pennsylvania (MA, 2008; PhD expected 2012) Employer/Job Title University of Pennsylvania, […]

Talia Rosenberg

Talia Rosenberg(2001) College/Degrees Harvard University, AB, 2006 Yale University School of Medicine, MD expected 2012 Employer/Job Title Medical Student Accomplishments […]

Carl Yerger

Carl Yerger(2000, TA: 2005) College/Degrees B.S., Harvey Mudd College, CASM (Master’s equivalent), University of Cambridge, 2006, currently working on PhD […]

Alexis Book

Alexis Book(2000 TA:2003) College/Degrees Allegheny College, BS Chemistry, 2005. University of Pittsburgh, MAT science concentration, 2006. Employer/Job Title Neighborhood Academy, […]

Vasiliy Zhulin

Vasiliy Zhulin(2000) College/Degrees Stanford, Computer Science and Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley for MBA Employer/Job Title Barclays Capital, […]

Michael Farias

Michael Farias(2000) College/Degrees University of Pennsylvania – B.A. Biochemistry and Biology (2005), M.S. Chemistry (2005); Harvard Medical School – M.D. […]

Patricia Foo

Patricia Foo(2000) College/Degrees Harvard, BA in Biochemical Sciences Employer/Job Title Medical Student, Stanford University School of Medicine Accomplishments Testimonial PGSS […]

Richard Lease

Richard Lease(2000) College/Degrees Princeton Univ., A.B.; Univ. Calif, Santa Barbara, PhD(2010) Employer/Job Title Accomplishments Testimonial

Chrissy Nesbitt

Chrissy Nesbitt(2000) College/Degrees Princeton University, AB in East Asian Studies Employer/Job Title Sisters Academy of Baltimore, math teacher Accomplishments Testimonial […]

Kathleen McKeegan

Kathleen McKeegan(2000) College/Degrees Yale University, B.S. Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics, 2005. Currently: University of Pennsylvania Medical School class of 2010 […]

Joseph Vincent Scarfutti

Joseph Vincent Scarfutti(2000) College/Degrees University of Pittsburgh – BS in Math, in Economics ; BA in Philosophy, in Writing, in […]

Diana Aronzon

Diana Aronzon(2000) College/Degrees BA in Chemical Physics, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore PA. MS in Applied Physics, Harvard School of Engineering and […]

Rich Powell

Rich Powell(2000) College/Degrees Harvard College, B.A. ’05; NYU Law, J.D. ’10 Employer/Job Title Law Student Accomplishments – 2009 Copenhagen Climate […]

Allison Petonic

Allison Petonic(2000) College/Degrees Bryn Mawr College, BA in Biology Employer/Job Title United Food and Commercials Workers Local Union 1059, Political […]

Audra Pompeani

Audra Pompeani(1998 TA:2001,2002,2003) College/Degrees BS, Carnegie Mellon University 2003 MA, Princeton University 2005 PhD, Princeton University 2009 Employer/Job Title Princeton […]

Benjamin Campbell

Benjamin Campbell(1997 TA:2000-2003, Faculty 2005-present) College/Degrees Penn State University: BS Physics with Honors 2003 Minors: Business, Mathematics, Astronomy and Astrophysics […]

Beverly Jogan

Beverly Jogan(1997 TA: 2002,2003) College/Degrees University of Pennsylvania for B.A. in Biology and Physical Anthropology and University of Pennsylvania for […]

Keith Mathers

Keith Mathers(1997 TA: 2002,2003) College/Degrees B.S. Biomedical Engineering with minor in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University, 2002 M.D. Thomas […]

Ethan Tira-Thompson

Ethan Tira-Thompson(1997 TA: 2000,2001) College/Degrees Carnegie Mellon University: 2002 (BS) 2004 (MS) currently PhD Employer/Job Title Student Accomplishments Testimonial PGSS […]

Michael Sha

Michael Sha(1997) College/Degrees Harvard (BA, MS) Employer/Job Title Wikinvest, Co-CEO Accomplishments Founder, Testimonial I met some amazing people and […]

Julie Roda

Julie Roda(1997) College/Degrees Brandeis – B.S. Bio – 2002, Ohio State Univ. – Ph.D. Cancer Immunology – 2007 Employer/Job Title […]

Elizabeth Krichten

Elizabeth Krichten(1997) College/Degrees Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS in Management Science, Concentration in Finance Employer/Job Title CBRE Melody, Senior Analyst […]

Sara Troyani

Sara Troyani(1997) College/Degrees Cornell University, B.A. Suma cum laude; UC Berkeley, M.A. Employer/Job Title Bishop O’Dowd High School, Teacher Accomplishments […]

Rebecca Zordon

Rebecca Zordon(1997) College/Degrees Cornell University (BS Biology, 2002). UC San Francisco (PhD, Biochemistry, 2008) Employer/Job Title Postdoctoral fellow, Johns Hopkins […]

Zachariah Miller

Zachariah Miller(1997) College/Degrees 2002 honors graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, he received his diploma on […]

Kim Hermann

Kim Hermann(1997) College/Degrees Pennsylvania State University, B.S. in Physics with an honors degree, Minors in Mathematics and Computer Science, 4.0 […]

Todd Ellis

Todd Ellis(1996 TA: 1999) College/Degrees Penn State B.S. in Physics and Meteorology, Honors in Meteorology; MS and PhD in Atmospheric […]

Jennifer Gandy

Jennifer Gandy(1996) College/Degrees Harvard College, BA, 2001 Employer/Job Title Harvard University, Admissions Officer, covering recruiting and admissions for students from […]

Nethra Ankam

Nethra Ankam(1996) College/Degrees Penn State, Bachelor of Science in Science Jefferson Medical College, M.D. Employer/Job Title Instructor in Rehabilitation Medicine […]

Dan Kraut

Dan Kraut(1995) College/Degrees Swarthmore College ’00 (BA in Biochemistry) Stanford University ’06 (Ph.D. in Biochemistry) Employer/Job Title Postdoc, Andreas Matouschek’s […]

Alfred Schnabel

Alfred Schnabel(1994) College/Degrees Case Western Reserve University BS in Astronomy 1999 Employer/Job Title Verizon Wireless, National Account Coordinator Accomplishments Testimonial […]

Casey Harris

Casey Harris(1994) College/Degrees BA, chemistry, minor in mathematics, BYU 2002 JD, law, Lewis & Clark Law School, 2006 Employer/Job Title […]

George Matcuk

George Matcuk(1993 TA: 1996-1998; resident life director 1999) College/Degrees Carnegie Mellon BS Biology and BS Chemistry, Stanford University MD Carnegie […]

Jennifer Stoddard (Klick)

Jennifer Stoddard (Klick)(1993) College/Degrees Villanova University, BS, Biology, BA, Honors Program; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, MSPH, Health […]

Joanna Zarach

Joanna Zarach(1993) College/Degrees BS in Biology; BS in Brain and Cognitive Science – MIT 1998 PhD in Neuroscience – Johns […]

Erin Childs

Erin Childs(1993) College/Degrees Carnegie Mellon, BS in Biology, specialization in Genetics, 1998 University of Pittsburgh, MS in Molecular Genetics and […]

Hilary Justh

Hilary Justh(1992) College/Degrees The Pennsylvania State University B.S. with honors in Earth Sciences, May 1997, M.S. in Geosciences, December 2003, […]

Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson(1991) College/Degrees Alfred University B.S. Chemistry University of Virginia, M.S. Chemistry University of Wisconsin, Madison M.S. Life Sciences Communication […]

Kenneth Unice

Kenneth Unice(1991) College/Degrees B.S. Environmental Engineering, Cornell University M.S. Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Ariona Employer/Job Title Senior Health […]

Jeffrey Temple

Jeffrey Temple(1990 TA: 1993, 1994, 1996-1998 Faculty/TA: 1999) College/Degrees Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.S., Physics University of Arizona, Ph. D., […]

Gary Searer

Gary Searer(1987 PGSS, 1986 PGSAS) College/Degrees University of Delaware, Bachelors of Civil Engineering, Cornell, Master of Science, Civil Engineering Employer/Job […]

Michael Pirrello

Michael Pirrello(1986) College/Degrees Penn State, B.S. Chem 1991 Employer/Job Title Cree, Inc., EH&S Engineer (Emergency Response Team Coordinator) Former Team […]

Kevin Frick

Kevin Frick(1985) College/Degrees PSU, BS, Health Policy and Administration 1991 Univeristy of Michigan, MA Economics 1994 Univeristy of Michigan, PhD […]

Erik Larsen

Erik Larsen(1985) College/Degrees Univeristy of Virginia 1990 BS Aerospace Engineering University of Pittsburgh 2002 MS Telecommunications University of Southern California […]

Michael Nystrom

Michael Nystrom(1985) College/Degrees Carnegie Mellon – B.S., Northwestern – Ph.D. Employer/Job Title LensVector – Director, Process Development Accomplishments 18 issued […]

Alycia Weinberger

Alycia Weinberger(1985) College/Degrees University of Pennsylvania, BA in physics; California Institute of Technology, PhD in physics Employer/Job Title Department of […]

Paul Ricker

Paul Ricker(1985) College/Degrees Penn State, B.S. in Physics with Distinction and with Honors in Astronomy, Mathematics minor, 1991 University of […]

Amy Ogan, PGSS 1998

There may be no better time to talk with an expert on human-computer interaction than during an academic semester upended […]

Dan Velazquez, PGSS 1989

Dan Velazquez (PGSS 1989) originally hailed from New Jersey, but he moved to Pennsylvania just before starting 10th grade. While […]

Thad Starner, PGSS 1986

Originally published as an “Alumni Spotlight” in the PGSS Alumni Newsletter, Spring 2013 When Thad Starner attended PGSS in 1986, most […]

Megan Ginter, PGSS 1998

Originally published as an “Alumni Spotlight” in the PGSS Alumni Newsletter, Fall 2013 Growing up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, […]

Alexander Laun, PGSS 2006

Originally published as an “Alumni Spotlight” in the PGSS Alumni Newsletter, Spring 2014 While in high school at Woodland Hills […]

Dana Boyd, PGSS 1995

Originally published as an “Alumni Spotlight” in the PGSS Alumni Newsletter, Fall 2014 As a self-described “troublemaker and “geek, freak, […]

Anna Li, PGSS 2016

Editor’s Note: Anna Li and Erica Wang both attended PGSS in 2016. Anna provided the following thoughts to Erica regarding her […]

John Paul, PGSS 2002

John Paul is a 2002 PGSS alumnus and was a Chemistry TA for the program from 2005 to 2007. As […]

Ed Feng, PGSS 1994

Q: Why did you decide on chemical engineering as an undergraduate major (and subsequent doctoral program)?  A: During my senior year […]

Laura Babcock, PGSS 1999

1. What do you currently do? I’m a post-doctoral researcher at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, where I’m examining the […]

Diya Das, PGSS 2007

Both interviewee and interviewer are alumni of PGSS ‘07 More about Diya’s work and research can be found on her […]

Juan Gil, PGSS 2015

Amir: I wanted to discuss three parts of your life: your career beginning with around the time you did governor’s […]

Anna Hu, PGSS 2016

Anna Hu is our featured alumnus.  Anna hails from Latrobe, PA and is currently living in DC where she attends […]

Katie Haas-Conrad, PGSS 2005

Katie Haas-Conrad is our featured alumnus.  Katie hails from Erie, PA and is currently living in Pittsburgh, PA.  Katie was […]

Thank You to Jerry Jacob (PGSS 1999)

On April 10, Jerry Jacob (PGSS 1999) gave a virtual talk to fellow PGSS govies on “Fighting microbes: from C. […]

Thank You to Hilary Justh (PGSS 1992)

On March 13, 2022, Hilary Justh, a planetary scientist, spoke to our PGSS alumni about her life-long dream of working […]

Thank you to Parag Patil, M.D. (PGSS 1984)

To kick off Superbowl Sunday, Parag Patil spoke to a group of PGSS alumni from 2019-2021 as well as some fellow PGSS […]

Thank you to Erika Conn Iyengar (PGSS 1988)

Thank you, Dr. Erika Iyengar for being the January speaker for our 2022 Speaker Series! Yesterday, Dr. Iyengar spoke about her path […]

PGSS 2021 Closing Ceremonies

On August 6, 2021, at 4 p.m. PGSS 2021 Closing Ceremonies took place. Student Speaker Alejandro Lucena, chosen by the […]

PGSS 2021 is in full swing

Dancing, origami-making, classes and research–it\’s all happening virtually once again.

Asher Hancock (PGSS 2016)

PGSS 2020 College Destinations!

Thank you to Liam Hower (PGSS 2020) for putting together this wonderful map showing the college destinations for PGSS 2020.

Theresa Impastato (PGSS 1998)

Kristin Knouse (PGSS 2005)

Kade Heckel (PGSS 2017)

Jeff Rinker (PGSS 1984)

Shelley Sims (PGSS 1984)

PGSS 1986 Virtual Reunion

Seventeen members of the PGSS class of 1986 met for a 35th reunion via Zoom on March 20, together with […]

Thank You Karin Tsai (PGSS 2006)

Thank you to Karin Tsai (PGSS 2006) who was the March speaker for our PGSS 2020 Speaker Series. Karin spoke […]

Paul Tripodi (PSS 1982, TA 1985-86)

PGSS 1991 Virtual Reunion

The PGSS Class of 1991 held a virtual reunion on March 13th. There was a good turn out including both […]

Karin Tsai (PGSS 2006)

PGSS 1988 Virtual Reunion

PGSS Class of 1988 met for a virtual reunion on March 14, 2021. They shared their various paths since PGSS […]

PGSS 1983 Virtual Reunion

Our thanks to Tom Pavel for planning a very successful PGSS 1983 Virtual Reunion. There were 13 alums and 2 […]

Mitchell’a Gilbert (PGSS 2008)

Natalie Morris (PGSS 2007)

Our thanks to Natalie Morris (PGSS 2007) for being our February PGSS 2020 Speaker. Natalie shared many of her experiences […]

Cecily Sunday (PGSS 2007)

Rahmah Abdulaleem (PGSS 1992)

Many thanks to Rahmah Abdulaleem (PGSS 1992) for a wonderful talk during our PGSS 2020 Virtual Speaker Series. As with […]

Former Governor Thornburgh passed away

We are sad to report the death of former Governor Dick Thornburgh at the age of 88. Governor Thornburgh\’s administration […]

Our Original Year Had a Year-End Virtual Reunion

Members of the original PGSS class (PSS in 1982) held their second Zoom meeting of 2020 to catch up, share […]

PGSS 1984 Virtual Reunion

Thanks to Jen Lloyd (PGSS 1984) for hosting a Virtual Reunion. PGSS Class of 1984 met for an impromptu reunion on […]

PGSS 1998 Virtual Reunion

Thank you to Erin McLaughlin who hosted a PGSS 1998 Virtual Reunion on November 14. Erin says it was a […]

PGSS 2007 Virtual Reunion

Thanks to Zeb Kessler and Nancy Paul Hupin (both PGSS 2007) for organizing a virtual PGSS 2007 reunion. TA\’s and […]

PGSS 1989 Virtual Reunion

Thanks to Bryan Kane (PGSS 1989, Class Agent 2017-present) who organized a Virtual PGSS 1989 Reunion) and sent this summary: […]

PGSS 1990 Virtual Reunion

Many thanks to Al Sommar (PGSS 1990, Class Agent 2017-present) for organizing a Virtual PGSS 1990 reunion. He wrote, “The […]

Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Timothy Friel (PGSS 1985)

Many, many thanks to Dr. Timothy Friel (PGSS 1985), our first speaker in the PGSS 2020 Speaker Series for PGSS […]

D.J. Kleinbaum (PGSS 2000, PGSS mentor)

PGSS 2001 Virtual Reunion

Thanks to Josh Albert and Amy Blank for organizing a PGSS 2001 virtual reunion. They had a lovely gathering and […]

PGSS 2019 Virtual Reunion

Thanks to Maya Parekh (PGSS 2019) for organizing a virtual PGSS 2019 reunion and sharing this review, “Since we weren’t […]

Mikael Owunna (PGSS 2007)

PGSS 2020 Virtual Square Dancing!!!

Thanks to Kyla Brezitski (PGSS 2016, TA 2020) for being the caller, to our alumni who volunteered to be “guinea […]

Where will PGSS 2019 govies be heading for college?

Thanks to Cole Skuse (PGSS 2019) for creating this map.

PGSS is going on-line for 2020

Dear PGSS alumni and friends,   We at PGSS Campaign hope that you and your family are doing well during this challenging time. I\’m […]

Lisa Kong (PGSS 2013)

PGSS Houston Meet-up

Thanks toTanya Bryja (PGSS 1992) for arranging a PGSS meetup in Houston at the last minute for a small but […]

PGSS LA-SoCal Meet-up

We had a fun time at the Los Angeles Meet-Up.  Those in attendance included (in picture order from left to right): Zhan […]

PGSS reps meet with Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera

Michelle Szpara (PGSS 1986, TA 1992, 1993) and Janet Hurwitz (POG 2003, Board Secretary) met with Secretary of Education Pedro […]

Lenka Platt (PGSS 2019)

PGSS 2018 Philly get-together

On Friday November 1, some members of the PGSS Class of 2018 currently at Penn, Princeton, and Drexel met up […]

Nine PGSS Alumnae Attend PA First Lady’s Women in STEM event

On Thursday, October 17, 9 PGSS alumnae, representing three decades from the 80\’s to the 00\’s, attended the First Lady\’s Women […]

PGSS Shares Program with IU 12 Gifted Educators

When PGSS teachers of the gifted gathered together at IU 12 (both in person and by teleconferencing), Beverly Jogan (PGSS […]

PGSS Boston Meetup

Although turn-out was lighter than the RSVP\’s, there was good discussion at the PGSS Boston Meetup. We appreciate David Halstead\’s […]

PGSS Bay Area Meetup 8-19

San Francisco Bay Area Govies met up on Sunday, August 25th for a snack-based potluck in Mountain View, a Silicon […]

A Very Successful PGSS 2019 Ended on August 3

There were 56 new PGSS alumni who might have preferred to stay at PGSS for a little longer. Many have already […]

Patrick Friel (PGSS 1991)

Professor Al Caretto (First PGSS Program Director)

We are sorry to report that Professor Caretto passed away. We are all indebted to him for making PGSS a […]

Opening Ceremonies PGSS 2019

On June 30, thanks to our generous donors, 56 students moved in to Hammerschlag Dorm to begin a fantastic five […]

PGSS DC Meet-up in VA

PGSS alum in the DC area met up in Arlington, VA for a happy hour filled with stories and a […]

PGSS Googlers

On Tuesday, June 11, Jon Stahlman (PGSS 2003) organized a lunch for PGSS alumni who work at Google near Mountain […]

Sydney Yang (PGSS 2014)

Amarpreet Ahluwalia (PGSS 2008)

Ellen Beckjord (PGSS 1994) PGSS is mentioned in this podcast!

Meet Your Board of Directors for PGSS Campaign, Inc.

Meet your PGSS Campaign Board: President David Reiley (PGSS 1986, TA 1989, 1991), Vice-President Ben Campbell (PGSS 1997, TA/Faculty 2000-present), […]


Our first PGSS-CHOP/UPenn Research Event was very successful. Thank you to our speakers: Issaac Chen (PGSS 1997), Chloe Glynn (TA/RLD […]

PGSS Austin Meet-up

Thanks to Vaughn Mankey (PGSS 1992) for planning the PGSS- Austin meet-up last night. A small group gathered to get […]

PGSS NYC Meet-up 1-19-2019

Thanks to Katie Wu (PGSS 2004) and Luna Dai (PGSS 2003) for organizing the PGSS NYC Meet-up last week. Thanks […]

Craig Lehocky (PGSS 2003)

PGSS DC Meet-up 1-30-19

Simon Krauss (PGSS 2006, RLD 2018) sent this review of the DC meet-up on a day of record cold temps. […]

Dmitri Pavlichin (PGSS 2002)

Nancy Hua (PGSS 2002)

Julie Baldassano (PGSS 2013)

Nisha Mehta (PGSS 1998) MD and writer

Robert Klein (PGSS 1998)

Maria Duaime Robinson (PGSS 2004)

Benjamin Lipschutz (PGSS 1998)

Luke Patton (PGSS 2018) speaking at HS assembly

When PGSS Campaign was invited to speak about PGSS at a student assembly at a high school in IU 1, Luke Patton […]

Erica Musser (PGSS 1998, TA 2002)

PGSS Seattle Meet-up

To kick off December, about a dozen PGSS alumni living in the greater Seattle area converged for fun conversation, PGSS updates, […]

Philadelphia Meet-up 11-11-18

At the Philadelphia reunion on Sunday, PGSS alumni from 1987 – 2018 met up at University of Pennsylvania. We played games like […]

PGSS at JPL 11-12-18

PGSS alumni held a reunion at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on Monday 12 Nov. In attendance were Laura De Lorenzo […]

JoAnn Swaim Ireland (PGSS 1996)

Brian D’Cruz (PGSS 1994)

London Meet-up

Several UK folks were not able to make the meet-up in London last week but Eric Britton (PGSS 1986) and […]

Brandon Kohrt (PGSS 1992)

Jennifer Lotz (PGSS 1991)

Boston Reunion

Boston-area PGSS alumni met at 730 Tavern in Cambridge on Thursday evening. In attendance were Elena Glassman, Janice Lee, Peter Lu, […]

Jashin Wu (PGSS 1994)

PGSS San Francisco Reunion 9-18

Thanks to Jen Lloyd (PGSS 1984) for hosting the recent SF reunion. She sent this review, “The Bay Area Reunion was […]

James Dickerson (PGSS 1989)

PGSS 2018 Continues a Great Tradition

The 56 students who attended PGSS 2018 found the same extreme challenge academically as well as the cohesive, collaborative environment […]

Shannon Armstrong Eichorn (PGSS 2006)

Dmitri Pavlichin (PGSS 2002)

Michael Hurwitz (PGSS 1995)

Elena Swecker (PGSS 2018)

Jeffrey Rinker (PGSS 1984)

Hui Ying Wen (PGSS ’03)

Jennifer Lloyd (PGSS 1984) Look for the reference to PGSS!

William Woodford (PGSS 2003)

PGSS Philadelphia Reunion 6-23-18

The 2018 PGSS reunion in Philadelphia was a lovely and laughter filled evening. Hosted at New Delhi Restaurant near UPenn’s campus, some […]

Heya Lee (PGSS 2017)

PGSS 2017 Honored in the PA Senate

On Tuesday, May 22, 17 of our PGSS 2017 govies and one PGSS 2015 govie were honored in the Senate […]

New England Reunion in Boston, May 2018

A group of Boston area alumni gathered at the 730 Tavern in Cambridge on Thursday, May 10th. We had great […]

Paul Rudy (PGSS 1988)

PGSS Campaign Wins Award for STEM Education

PGSS Campaign received the Leadership in STEM Education Award at the 2018 Carnegie Science Awards held at the Carnegie Music […]

Dmitiri Pavlichin (PGSS 2002)

Katie Petri (PGSS 2000)

Andrew Runkle (PGSS 1990)

Amy Ogan (PGSS 1998)

Bay Area Alumni Successfully Escape the Room

This past Sunday, 16 area alumni met in San Jose to test their ingenuity against Omescape\’s puzzles. Working in two […]

Successful Fundraiser

With special thanks to our wonderful volunteer class agents, we successfully raised over $125,000 (goal of $100,000) during our two-week […]

PGSS Joint MIT-Harvard 2013-2016 Reunion 11-10-17

Govies from Harvard and MIT met for a reunion this past Friday, November 10. We caught up with each other […]

PGSS NYC Reunion

This week\’s NYC PGSS reunion featured lots of puzzles (and some pizza), as we worked our way through an MIT […]

PGSS Philadelphia Reunion

A group of alumni from 1988 to 2017 enjoyed lunch and discussion together at the PGSS Philly reunion. Thanks to […]

Lisa Park (PGSS 1985)

PGSS/Johns Hopkins Undergrads meet (PGSS 2013-2016)

Julia Costacurta organized a meet-up for the PGSS govies who are now att ending Johns Hopkins University.

PGSS Michigan Reunion–the first

Our thanks to Laura Anzaldi Mike (PGSS 2003) who hosted a small but enthusiastic group of PGSS alumni and spouses […]

Nancy Hua (PGSS 2002)

PGSS Washington DC Reunion

The DC area held a reunion over fondue last night (including a special guest from the Chicago area who was […]

Kimberly Palladino (PGSS 1997)

PGSS 2017 Closing Ceremonies

Closing ceremonies were held August 4, 2017, where PGSS 2017 students received their completion certificates embossed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. […]

Visit from the Department of Education

Dr. David Volkman, Deputy Secretary of Education, visited PGSS for the PGSS 2017 morning symposium and closing ceremonies.

Nancy Hua (PGSS 2002)

Jean Yang (PGSS 2003)

Michael Hurwitz (1995)

PGSS 2017 is in session

Move-in day and Opening Ceremonies

Moira Dillon (PGSS 2003)

Brian D’Cruz (PGSS 1994)

Charanya Kaushik (PGSS 2008)

Paul Rudy (PGSS 1988)

Dmitri Pavlichin (PGSS 2002)

Aparna Paul (PGSS 2016)

Thad Starner (PGSS 1986)

Congratulations to Thad Starner (PGSS 1986) on the honor of his election to the CHI Academy; this is awarded to […]

Juan Jorge Schaffer

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that Professor Juan Jorge Schaffer passed away 2/12/17. During his […]

Brintha Vasagar, M.D. (PGSS 2001)

Congratulations to Dr. Brintha Vasagar, on of 60 leaders from around the country selected for the 2017 class of Presidential […]

New York City Reunion a Success

The second New York City reunion was a success although there had to be two pictures as more people arrived.Thanks […]

Evan Coopersmith (PGSS 2001)

Jay Dawson (PGSS 1983)

PGSS 2016 Gives Back

As of the end of the official fundraiser on November 20, a full 70% of PGSS 2016 alums had made […]

Vibha Sazawal (PGSS 1993)

PGSS San Francisco Reunion 11-5-16

Thanks to Carl Ma (PGSS 2003) for hosting the PGSS San Francisco Reunion at their home. There was much discussion […]

Jean Yang (PGSS 2003)

Reid Van Lehn (PGSS 2004)

Ellen Beckjord (PGSS 1994)

Philly Reunion

Last Saturday, a small but companionable group of govies representing 1985 to 2016 gathered at the home of Betsy Krichten […]

Jean Yang (PGSS 2003)

PGSS 2016 — Opening Day


Conor Mayo-Wilson (PGSS 2001)…/early-career-research-spotligh…/

Amy Ogan (PGSS 1998)

Katie Salatto (PGSS 2015)

The Museum of Bad Art in Boston

New England alumni gathered at the Museum of Bad Art in Boston to appraise just how bad it was (see […]

The Racket: A Night of Murder in Support of PGSS

PGSS alumni from the 80\’s to the 00\’s, along with a score of other players, gathered for a live-action game […]

Washington DC Reunion

Dave Denkenberger PGSS 1996

Charles Ferguson (PSS 1982)…/dp/0199759464/ [A bit of historical trivial: PGSS didn\’t acquire the “G” until 1983. That isn\’t a typo in the title.]

Visit From PA Sec. of Ed. Pedro Rivera

On Monday, July 13, 2015, PA Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera visited PGSS and spoke to students at several Chemistry, […]

The First PGSS Austin Reunion

The cross-country PGSS Reunion tour has reached Texas. A small but enthusiastic group of PGSS alumni from 1988-1992 got together […]

The First PGSS LA Reunion

The first PGSS Los Angeles reunion was a success and they\’ve decided to make it an annual event. Hope you […]

Nancy Hua (PGSS 2002)

Adam Packer (PGSS 2000)

Andrew Lingenfelter (PGSS 2014)

Hanni M. Batzel Stoklosa (PGSS 1998)

Meeting with the PA Sec. of Ed.

PGSS Campaign Board Meeting with Team PA

The PGSS Campaign Board Officers, Executive Director and Director of PGSS met with Team PA for a discussion of the sustainability […]

Nancy Hua (PGSS 2002)

Natalie Morris (PGSS 2007) Check out the mention of PGSS!

Brian D’Cruz (PGSS 1994)

Nicole Ozdowski (PGSS 2014)

Rishi Mirchandani (PGSS 2014)

Chicago Reunion

“The PGSS Chicago reunion was super fun! We were a smaller crowd than anticipated, but the conversation was lively and […]

Philly Reunion

Thank you so much to Beverly Jogan (PGSS 1997), Keith Mathers (PGSS 1997) for hosting the Philadelphia reunion in their […]

Thanks to the NYC Reunion Organizers!

Thanks to Melanie Rupert (PGSS 1993), Jen Slaw (PGSS 1995), Nick Vidnovic (PGSS 2002) and Haoqian Chen (PGSS 2003) for […]

New York Reunion — Oct 23

PGSS New York Reunion — the first! Date: Thursday, October 23, 2014Time: 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. What: PGSS Alumni, TA\’s, […]

Sara Mauskopf (PGSS 2002)

Congratulations Sara

Thanks, Nate!

Thank you to Nate Pallo (PGSS 2005) for hosting a Boston reunion BBQ for about 20 PGSS alums.

Welcome, 2014 Alumni!

Thank You, TeamPA!

Fantastic news for PGSS 2015! Thank you TeamPA for recognizing the importance of PGSS and making it possible for us to […]

danah beard boyd (PGSS 1995)

Brintha Vasagar (PGSS 2001)

Derek Wang PGSS 2014

Mary Nicole Nazzaro (PGSS 1988)

Congrats to the SACP Winners

Congratulations to Michael Bechich (North Allegheny) Ben Catalano (Greensburg Central Catholic), and Derek Wang (North Allegheny), all PGSS 2013 alums, […]

Seattle Reunion

Saturday, April 19th, a group of about ten PGSS alums from 1986 through 2008 met up at the Frye Museum […]

danah beard boyd

Time Magazine Opinion Piece

Letter from the PA Sec. of Ed.

[Click here for the official version.] March 14, 2014 Dear PGSS Alumni and Parents: It is with great pleasure that […]

danah beard boyd (PGSS 1995)

TIME Tech 40: The Most Influential Minds in Tech Read more: danah boyd, New York University | TIME Tech 40: The […]

PGSS New England Reunion in Boston

Date: Monday, February 24, 2014 Time: 6:00pm – 8:30pm Location:      Burns & Levinson, LLP      125 Summer Street, 8th […]

1st Annual Fund Alumni Challenge

Thanks everyone who participated and made this fundraising drive such a success. We raised over $50K!! ** October 18th – […]

PGSS 2013: In their own words

Check out what the PGSS 2013 students were up to this past summer and what they had to say about […]

David Reiley Receives “Exemplary Service to PGSS” Award

David Reiley, president of the Board for the PGSS Campaign and the Alumni Association, received the award for Exemplary Service […]

Ben Campbell (PGSS 1997) TA and faculty for many years, VP of PGSS Alumni Association

Success! — PGSS 2013

59 students were challenged for 5 weeks at Carnegie Mellon in ways they\’ve never been before and formed friendships that […]

Thank you EQT Corporation!! $50K Grant

Exciting news….we are pleased to announce that the EQT Corporation in Pittsburgh has awarded PGSS Campaign a $50,000 grant! This […]

Seattle Reunion

On May 4th, 2013, about 15 alumni gathered for a Seattle PGSS reunion. Alumni joined from across the Puget Sound […]

Kai-Fu Lee (CS Faculty 1984, 1985, 1986)

The 2013 TIME 100

April Board Meeting at Carnegie Mellon with Barry Luokkala

Maureen Ryan (Executive Director), Janet Hurwitz (Secretary) and Alfred Schnabel (Treasurer), met with Director of PGSS Professor Barry Luokkala and […]

Thank you from Barry

Sincere thanks go out to volunteers Martin Habich (PGSS 2003), Michelle Burroughs (PGSS 2006), Zach Pozun (PGSS 2002) and Karen […]

Results of the Alumni Survey

In late 2011, 593 of the 2378 PGSS alumni responded to a survey about their PGSS experience. The survey collected […]

Victoria Solomon (PGSS 2000)

Ben Campbell (PGSS 1997, TA and faculty) PGSS Campaign Board Member

The Department of Electrical Engineering and the Penn State Electrical Engineering Society Early Career Recognition Alumni Award

Galen Charlton PGSS ’94

Andrew Ng (PGSS 2000)

“Andrew Ng champions online education as \’the great equalizer\’”

John “Dan” Kelly (PGSS 1998)

“Dr. Dan Kelly: Providing Hope through Health Care in Sierra Leone”

Wei (Denise) Duan-Porter (PGSS 1995)

“2012 recipients of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) Trainee Research Award”

Henry (Hank) Geiter, Jr. (PGSS 1983)

“Sunstar Critical Care Nurse Wins Florida EMS Nurse of the Year” (3rd article)

Ben Campbell (PGSS 1997)

“Fight On, Governor\’s School: Alumni Organize to Resurrect Impactful Science Program”

Thad Starner (PGSS 1986)

“Mobile Music Touch: Learning to Play Piano Melodies Without Attention”

Ed Feng (PGSS ’94)

Danah Boyd (PGSS 1995)

“Cracking Teenagers’ Online Codes”

Thank You from Former Governor Thornburgh

Dear Professor Luokkala: Congratulations to all responsible for the reinstatement of the Governor\’s School for the Sciences! This is a […]

Year-End Update and Opportunity to Support PGSS

Dear Alumni, Parents and Friends of PGSS:  We have a lot to celebrate this year, with the imminent return of […]

***PGSS 2013***

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Education has approved a matching grant of $150,000 for the re-opening of PGSS at […]

Boston Reunion: Recap

On Saturday October 13, 2012, a group of Boston govvies met at the MIT Museum for a self-guided tour, followed […]


We have been in overdrive this summer to raise funds to revive PGSS for next year, and our efforts have […]

Boston Reunion

Saturday, October 13, at 2 P.M. at the MIT Museum. We will spend an hour or so looking at the […]

Philadelphia Reunion — Thanks for Coming!

We had a wonderful time at the Philadelphia PGSS Reunion! Beverly Jogan and Betsy Lopez (both PGSS 1997) hosted the […]

Philadelphia Reunion — June 16!

Dear PGSS Alumni, Faculty and TAs, The PGSS Alumni Association invites you to join us in Philadelphia, Saturday, June 16th. […]

March 25 SF Reunion

Thanks to everyone who came to the first SF reunion! It was great reconnecting with friends, meeting alumni,  and finally putting faces […]

2011 End-Of-Year Newsletter

“Easily the most profoundly educational experience of my life. I don\’t know how to describe it, but when you have […]

A Big Thank You!

It\’s been a hectic few months around here. Now that things have settled down a bit, the PGSS Alumni Association board […]

Boston Regional Reunion

PLEASE SAVE THE DATE: Friday, September 30, 2011 Time: 5:30-8:00pm Where: Boston New England alumni are planning a regional reunion in Boston […]

PGSS in the Journal of Chemical Education

In 1988, Dr. Mark Farrell, Raymond Pfeil, and Dr. Albert Caretto published a short article about PGSS in the Journal […]

2011 PGSS Alumni Reunion

UPDATE: We have photos posted! Thanks to everyone who attended. Much was accomplished and good times were had by all. Thank […]

2011 Meeting with the Governor and a Fundraising Update

We have VERY GOOD news to report.   David, Ben, Janet, and Barry had a highly successful meeting with the Governor […]

Open Letters of Support from Former Governor Dick Thornburgh

Nearly 30 years ago, Governor Thornburgh\’s administration founded the Pennsylvania Governor\’s Schools for Excellence. He recently released two open letters, one […]

501(c)3 Approved!

We have been granted official status as a 501(c)3 organization! Needless to say, this is very exciting. A huge “thank […]

501(c)3 Update

We have officially filed for 501(c)3 status! A huge thank-you to Muriel Liberto for completing the crucial step.

Articles of Incorporation

We\’ve officially filed for nonprofit status in the great state of Pennsylvania. Momentum is building!

Inaugural Board of Directors

We officially elected our inaugural board of directors! Taking the helm as President is David Reiley (Class of 1986; TA […]