Mission and Vision

The PGSS Campaign, Inc. is a non-profit organization that seeks to
reinstate the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Sciences (PGSS) for
future students and create a professional network for alumni.

Through private and public funding, we seek to secure the future of PGSS as an annual program that fosters
scientific thinking, scholarly collaboration, and interpersonal connections in our society while encouraging
women and minority students to consider scientific careers.

To Our Alumni

Many of our experiences during those five-weeks at Carnegie Mellon University called PGSS cannot be easily summed into words. There are powerful, simple testaments such as Paul’s explaining what those involved in the program already know. PGSS is an incredibly enriching educational and scientific program, one that is provided free of charge, allowing any student to reap its benefits. But really, it is impossible to capture the myriad effects PGSS has produced over the years.

For many, it was the first time we met dozens of people like us. For once, peers were not afraid of science and numbers but talked about superconductors or black holes into the wee hours of the morning. It prepared us for the rigors of college and primed us for collaboration in our disciplines. For hundreds, it helped us discover the disciplines we love. It led to friendships and professional relationships that have enriched us for many years after those weeks. For some, it was first summer love, and for others, it was even the love of decades.

For many, it was one of the few times we would be intellectually challenged during those years, finally meeting ideas we couldn’t immediately grasp. For the first time, our individual skills weren’t enough, forcing us to learn to collaborate for success. We met concepts in the sciences that were foreign and engrossing. We were introduced to the possibilities that lay in the future — schools that may have seemed out of reach or careers we previously barely imagined.

PGSS alumni have become members and alumni of the world’s predominant institutions and professionals in the fields of mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, and many others, making headway in cancer therapy, sustainable design, and the mission to Mars. CEOs and lawyers, educators and artists, as well as scientists, engineers, and physicians, have all arisen from our PGSS classmates.

We ask you to remember your days at PGSS; contemplate their benefit, both personal and professional; and become a part of the PGSS Alumni Association.

We ask you to support our society’s future, invest in the richness of this experience for a younger students, and help bring back the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Sciences.

“To say that I would not be where I am today without PGSS is a profound understatement. It is the single most exceptional and enriching program in science education that I’ve ever encountered, and I fervently hope it is given the opportunity to continue.”
-Paul Ricker, PGSS 1985

Enable PGSS, a rigorous STEM pre-college academic program for highly talented, diverse Pennsylvania high-school students, and nurture those students' lifelong pursuit of scientific thinking, scholarly collaboration, and interpersonal connections.
Ensure the continuity and expansion of experiences to cultivate future generations of diverse, scientifically minded leaders from Pennsylvania.