Chicago Reunion

“The PGSS Chicago reunion was super fun! We were a smaller crowd than anticipated, but the conversation was lively and stimulating. It was actually super refreshing to be around govie “geeks” again…I realized how much I have missed it! I think that Chicago reunions have a great future ahead of them.” 
    — Nancy Paul (PGSS 2007)

With only a week\’s advance notice, turn-out for the first-ever Chicago reunion was small but enthusiasm was plentiful. Thanks to Joanna Zarach (PGSS 1993) and Nancy Paul Hupin (PGSS 2007) for making arrangements and for our ever-positive and dedicated president of our board David Reiley for attending and catching alumni up on what PGSS Campaign is doing to sustain PGSS into the future. Next time, we promise more time to plan ahead. Let us know if you are have moved to the Chicago area since the last update.