2011 Meeting with the Governor and a Fundraising Update

We have VERY GOOD news to report.


David, Ben, Janet, and Barry had a highly successful meeting with the Governor and the Secretary of Education on Thursday. They were impressed with our fundraising efforts to date, and said they would like to restore at least some of the Governor\’s Schools through some kind of public-private partnership. They said they intend to start with PGSS, and want to work with us to make sure that PGSS is back up and running in summer 2012.

Since December 2010 the Alumni Association has raised more than $90,000 with checks still coming in. Over 350 alumni have donated. Combined with the salary donations offered by the Program Director and several faculty and TA’s, I think we have met our initial goals.

This is great news. We still need to nail down the financial details, but victory is within sight!  Thanks to all of you who
donated so generously to our fundraising campaign. We are continuing to fundraise from alumni and foundations to make sure that PGSS will be on a solid and long-lasting financial footing. So if you didn\’t donate yet but still want to, rest assured that your money will still be put to good use.   Also, we are still looking for volunteers to help us apply for grants from corporate and foundation sources, so please email us if you able to help.   There\’s still lots to be done.

Congratulations to all who have contributed to this effort.

Corinne Powell
Executive Director
PGSS Alumni Association, Inc.