PGSS 2007 Virtual Reunion

Thanks to Zeb Kessler and Nancy Paul Hupin (both PGSS 2007) for organizing a virtual PGSS 2007 reunion. TA\’s and govies were there. Nancy sent in this review, The PGSS \’07 govies were thrilled to get to catch up on Saturday, and managed to find a common time for everyone across 9 time zones ! Govies called in from the West Coast, the East Coast, and the other side of the Atlantic to reminisce surely, but also to talk about the here and now, and how everyone is faring with telecommuting, the pandemic, kids, and generally trying to thrive in these crazy times. It was a much needed laugh, a breather, a reminder of all the wonderful people in the PGSS community, and how we are together, in our little corners of the world, using science and technology to make the world a little brighter.”