PGSS NYC Meet-up 1-19-2019

Thanks to Katie Wu (PGSS 2004) and Luna Dai (PGSS 2003) for organizing the PGSS NYC Meet-up last week. Thanks to Muriel Liberto (PGSS 1986) for hosting at her law firm\’s office. 
Katie led a Quiz Bowl using middle-school level questions because the questions are impossibly hard. Everyone enjoyed the activity, especially once we switched to just science and music.
As an example of the difficulty level, this is an example of

a middle-school science question. It\’s very hard to figure out the answers from the first couple of sentences, but the last sentence is usually a dead giveaway.

11. It’s not a form of chromatography, but this technique has preparative and analytical types. The quantities resulting from this technique are non-additive and defined in units of time, but they’re more frequently expressed in (*) svedbergs. This technique eventually results in a pellet and a supernatant, and a common example of its use is isolating plasma from the other components of blood. The ultra form of this technique subjects samples to forces of up to one million g’s and high RPM. For 10 points, name this laboratory technique that separates mixtures by spinning them very, very quickly. ANSWER: centrifugation (accept word forms, like centrifuge)