PGSS Philadelphia Reunion 6-23-18

The 2018 PGSS reunion in Philadelphia was a lovely and laughter filled evening. Hosted at New Delhi Restaurant near UPenn’s campus, some of the older alumni remembered eating there in their undergraduate days. A big group of 2016 students caught up on their first year of college; the alumni of the restart year, 2013, celebrated their class’s graduation in May. Inside jokes and fond recollection of professors were numerous. The 2015 students from Penn arrived together, though they only got to know each other after their days at camp. The two most recent graduates from 2017 expressed their excitement to attend Columbia and Harvard in the fall. Listening to everyone’s adventures since Governor\’s School was a pleasure and a delight. Some folks had to leave early. Some folks split into groups for more fun and ice cream. Hugs and warm goodbyes were shared at evening’s close, with many exclamations looking forward to Philly reunion 2019. Thanks to Chloe Glynn (TA 2015-2017) for organizing the reunion and writing this review.