Prof. Juan Schäffer (PGSS Faculty 1986 – 2015)

A longtime Professor of Mathematics at Carnegie Mellon University, Juan began his service at the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Sciences in 1986. For many years he served as both an elective lecturer and team project instructor for Math team projects at PGSS. Juan took great pride and pleasure in working at PGSS, referring to the program as “the high point” of each year’s interaction with students. He transformed his personal satisfaction into a bestowed gravitas each year, when he announced each graduating PGSS student by name at the closing ceremony, with perfect pronunciation and the clearest of diction.

Juan was quick to note that the aspect of PGSS he appreciated the most was that it encouraged students to learn the importance of collaboration. Juan, your enthusiasm and dedication will be sorely missed, but we will continue to support PGSS, the program to which you so generously gave your time and talents.

Details about Dr. Schaffer’s memorial service can be found in his obituary.

Dr. Schaffer gave an interview for our blog back in 2014.

We invite you to leave your thoughts, memories and condolences here. We will be sharing them with his family.