We have been in overdrive this summer to raise funds to revive PGSS for next year, and our efforts have paid off! This week brought some exciting news… a generous donor has pledged to provide a grant to Carnegie Mellon University specifically for PGSS in the amount of $150,000 for each of the 2013 and 2014 program years… PROVIDED THAT WE MATCH THOSE FUNDS.
This new pledge is thrilling news. Our total fundraising goal is $360,000 to re-launch the program with 50 students. We have submitted over $175,000 in funding requests from Pennsylvania corporations and foundations, and we are optimistic that some fraction of these pending requests will be granted. If we can raise just $30,000 more in alumni contributions, thus triggering the $150,000 match, we are confident that PGSS 2013 will happen.
But why stop at $30,000? We have set ourselves an ambitious fall fundraising goal of $100,000 by October 7. The first $30,000 will get us to the matching threshold, the next $60,000 will completely cover funding for a basic program in 2013 (even if none of our grants come through), and the last $10,000 will get us started on our fundraising for 2014. We\’re expecting to run the program in both years, but we can only do it with continued alumni support. Raising a total of $360,000 will fund a program with 50 students; we can push the total higher with additional gifts. After we\’ve funded the basic program fixed costs, each additional $4000 we raise can send an additional student to PGSS!
LET\’S GO VIRAL! Donate through our campaign at and remember to “Like” and “Share” our page with your Facebook and Twitter friends and followers. The more we spread the news, the more donations we’ll get!! Each donation also comes with a cool gift! The Indiegogo site will only be open until October 7th, so make your donation now!
If you prefer to donate directly, we always accept donations via check or via the PGSS Campaign website at
As alumni, we all remember how exhilarating it was to be truly challenged by our physics homework, working all night on our team project presentations, and of course, what exceptional square dancers we were. You know the significance of PGSS, the personal and academic experiences you had during your program year, the value of the program in launching you into the college of your choice, and the personal relationships you still maintain with classmates to this day. We’re almost there…. but we need your help! Please take a few moments to review the options for making a donation today to restore PGSS so that future students can take advantage of the same opportunities we enjoyed!
Again….WE’RE ALMOST THERE….let’s get together and round up the remaining funds we need. PLEASE MAKE YOUR DONATION TODAY!!
David Reiley 
President, PGSS Campaign, Inc.
P.S. If you work for a major corporation, you may qualify for employer gift matching. Make your donation count twice as much by donating through an Employee Matching Gift Program!! Contact Maureen Ryan, our Executive Director, at <> if you need any documentation of our nonprofit status.