Alexander Laun

Alexander Laun(2006)


United States Naval Academy, Class of 2011
Bachelor’s of Science Degree Major: Naval Architecture
Minor: Russian

Employer/Job Title

United States Navy
Current Position: Midshipman (Third-Class)


4.00 Academic QPR (to-date), Ranked 11th in Class of 2011 (previous semester); Billets – 22nd Company Academic Corporal, Brigade
Character Corporal.


PGSS provided an unparalleled technical and scientific background for comparable academic pursuits in the future. Through the PGSS program, my knowledge of mathematics, physics, and chemistry was greatly improved, allowing me to succeed through the rigorous coursework of the Naval Academy. Additionally, the knowledge provided by the PGSS program allowed me to participate in a unique internship program this past summer: I integrated computer technologies and command-and-control (C4ISR) equipment into military vehicles (PM C4ISR OTM Program, United States Army; Fort Dix, NJ). Because of my passion for science and mathematics, fostered by PGSS, I intend to early-interview into the submarine warfare community (next year), a training process that includes completion of Nuclear Power School (and Prototype training). Ultimately, the PGSS program has contributed greatly to my development as a future naval officer: I developed not only as a technically-proficient individual, but also as a leader and teammate/shipmate.