Jonathan Schall

Jonathan Schall(2008)


will attend the University of Scranton this fall on a full Presidential
Scholarship majoring in biochemistry and pre-med

Employer/Job Title



Accomplishments (Major awards, contributions, achievements, publications, patents, etc.):
– University of Scranton: Presidential Scholarship
– Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award
– Greater Wyoming Valley Youth Salute “Youth Leader of the Year” 1st Runner-up
– 2009 Toyota Community Scholars semifinalist
– competitor at 2007 National Ocean Sciences Bowl
– numerous Science Olympiad regional and state medals
– two-time Bloomsburg U Science Iditarod Champion


My time at Governor’s School was such an unforgettable experience. This was a one of-a-kind opportunity for a high school student toexplore various scientific specialties, engage in original research, and interact with passionate and gifted students from all over our great Commonwealth. The faculty and staff were very excited about their work, infusing us with even greater enthusiasm for the sciences. I made many friendships with a great, diverse, and wonderful group of people that will last a lifetime. Through this experience, I have grown as both a scientist and a person. I have been empowered and inspired to pursue scientific work to benefit my future patients and the health care system as well as to do my part to contribute to the betterment of our Nation. I will always cherish the many fond memories of my summer at PGSS.