Natalie Morris

Natalie Morris(2007)


Carnegie Mellon, pursuing a double major in Computer Science and

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When I came to PGSS, I had no idea what computer science entailed. I figured you had to be a slightly neurotic genius to sit in front of a computer all day coding who knew what. Now I am back at CMU pursuing my primary degree in this field, thanks to my experience at PGSS. After five weeks of taking a class I was sure I wouldn’t like, I had discovered that, a)CS is absolutely fascinating, and b)it was actually making sense to me. Thanks to PGSS, I am studying CS at the top school in this field. As for the second major? That is alsothanks to PGSS. I have always been interested in the subject, but I never thought I could actually be a physicist. My classes in physics and astrophysics at PGSS showed me that I love physics too much to not study it. I still don’t know what I will do with these two degrees, but that is because I have the lovely problem of too many options. And I know that whatever I do in my future, I will enjoy every minute of it.