Alfred Schnabel

Alfred Schnabel(1994)


Case Western Reserve University BS in Astronomy 1999

Employer/Job Title

Verizon Wireless, National Account Coordinator



I’d have to say PGSS was a wonderful experience that remains the highlight of my high school years. For the first time in my life, I was surrounded by people who shared my love of science and who were as intelligent and curious as me; they also turned out to be pretty cool people. It helped solidify my decision to major in science in college. Although I’m not currently in a scientific position, I’m hoping to transition to a more technical/science related field in the near future. PGSS is a model for how we should structure programs for our most gifted students. All too often I wasn’t properly challenged by my high school studies. The bar was set way too low. Governor’s Schoolwas the exact opposite. It challenged me to work and study hard, skills I needed to learn to be successful in college. We need to find more ways to encourage and challenge our brightest students; push them to do more than they think they can.