Allison Petonic

Allison Petonic(2000)


Bryn Mawr College, BA in Biology

Employer/Job Title

United Food and Commercials Workers Local Union 1059, Political


senior thesis on HIV protease inhibition; Thomas Prize for Advocacy of Diversity and Inclusion at Bryn Mawr College (2005); Initiated
campaign for Bryn Mawr College to close operations for Dr. King Day celebration, campaign sustained from February 2005 through
September 2007.


PGSS prepared me for college in a way that my high school could not. I formed friendships with aspiring scientists from across Pennsylvania and worked with them to keep up with demanding class and study schedules, in cooperation not competition. Learning at PGSS informed me of what I wanted from college, and I was a more competitiveapplicant at top colleges because of PGSS. In all likelihood, my good grades and extracurricular activities at a rural high school would not have been sufficient for getting into as many competitive colleges.In college, I studied biology while also studying political science and became involved in campus politics. I have now worked in government and politics, but few of my colleagues have backgrounds in science or science policy. It surprises many, but that background has been helpful for work in politics- for following agriculture legislation andfood policy in past and current work. I plan to attend law school in 2010, concentrating in environmental justice law.