Audra Pompeani

Audra Pompeani(1998 TA:2001,2002,2003)


BS, Carnegie Mellon University 2003
MA, Princeton University 2005
PhD, Princeton University 2009

Employer/Job Title

Princeton University graduate student


Pompeani AJ, Irgon JJ, Berger MF, Bulyk ML, Wingreen NS, Bassler BL. (2008). The Vibrio harveyi master quorum-sensing regulator,
LuxR, a TetR-type protein is both an activator and a repressor: DNA recognition and binding specificity at target promoters. Molecular
Microbiology. 2008. Oct;70(1):76-88.
Neiditch MB, Federle MJ, Pompeani AJ, Kelly RC, Swem DL, Jeffrey PD, Bassler BL, Hughson FM. (2006). Autoinducer-2-induced
asymmetry regulates LuxPQ quorum-sensing signal transduction. Cell. 2006 Sep 22; 126(6):1095-108.


PGSS 1998 provided me with opportunities in the classroom and in the laboratory that were not available at my public school. Without PGSS, I would never have learned that I have an affinity for science and research. Being surrounded by other exceptional teenagers alsomade a huge impact on me because for the first time in my life I felt normal instead of nerdy or weird. Finally, I think I was much better prepared to handle the workload in college than I would have been without my PGSS experience.