Brian Kroener

Brian Kroener(2005)


expected Biological Basis of Behavior, School of Arts and
Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2010

Employer/Job Title

Ted Abel, Ph.D. – Independent Study/Research Asst.


-Dean’s List for 2007-2008
-DAAD RISE Scholarship recipient, Summer 2008


PGSS 2005 literally changed my life- I would not be an undergraduate at Penn, an Ivy League university, if I had not been exposed to the positive influence of academics and science at PGSS. I found that my interest in the basic sciences lies in biology, which has led me to a neuroscience degree program and a goal of becoming an M.D. in the short term. I met driven, smart and fun peers who enjoyed learning as much as I did, something I had never experienced before. These fellow PGSSers became and are still my dear friends, and I look forward to having many of them as colleagues someday. But mostly, PGSS taught me to always strive for deeper understanding in science and in life, and that science should be at the service of my fellow man.