Brintha Vasagar

Brintha Vasagar(2001)


University (B.S.), Ross University School of Medicine (3rd year
Med Student)

Employer/Job Title

Medical Student


Raised over $500,000 for tsunami relief as a tsunami survivor and invited to speak before various members of Congress; Wrote a thesis
on Science Education; Miss Philadelphia 2008-09


PGSS was the first time I wasn’t an outsider. To finally be respected instead of ridiculed for my intelligence was a major turning point in developing my self-confidence and embracing my abilities. Years later, I had the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of tsunami survivors by sharing my experiences with influential U.S. politicians, and I question whether I would have had the confidence to stand before hundreds of strangers without the self-esteem which I gained during Governor’s school. This year, I had the unique opportunity to represent the 5 counties surrounding Philadelphia as Miss Philadelphia 2008-09. Everyone expected my year of service to focus on medicine, as that is my chosen profession, but instead I decided to spend time in schools encouraging kids to dream big and embrace their differences. I hope that I am for these kids what PGSS was for me. PGSS was so much more than an education in science – it was a place where intelligence and achievement were revered and the nerdy kids were no longer the outcasts. And ever since, I haven’t been afraid to speak my mind in front of an audience.