Casey Harris

Casey Harris(1994)


BA, chemistry, minor in mathematics, BYU 2002 JD, law, Lewis &
Clark Law School, 2006

Employer/Job Title

Young Living Essential Oils, Lehi, UT; Associate Corporate


National Merit Scholar, US Patent Attorney


The love I had for the sciences was able to be amplified by my experience at PGSS. Getting to spend 5 intensive weeks of science studies helped me decide what I wanted to do with my career, and I always look back fondly on my experience. My love for science is still able tobe fulfilled in my work as a patent attorney, where I deal with new ideas, and in my job as in-house counsel to a retail firm which produces and sells essential oils, where I can understand our exacting quality standards and the chemical properties of our products and which allows me to function in my attorney role to a higher degree. I will always be grateful for my PGSS experience.