Chrissy Nesbitt

Chrissy Nesbitt(2000)


Princeton University, AB in East Asian Studies

Employer/Job Title

Sisters Academy of Baltimore, math teacher



Though it wasn’t my major, math has been a significant part of my studies through college and beyond. I’m currently enrolled in an online graduate level math class through the University of Northern Iowa. PGSS gave me confidence. I learned that there is no Archetypal Mathematician, Scientist, or Problem Solver. We are all unique, withdifferent ways of coming at proofs, different ways of conceptualizing problems. So often, people who say “I’m just not a math person” are not giving themselves — or math — enough credit. This is a conviction given to me by my teachers at PGSS, and this conviction has grown in me since. I now teach math at an all-girls school for at-risk students, and it is my passion to communicate my confidence to girls I teach every day.