Christopher Baldassano

Christopher Baldassano(2004)


Princeton University, BSE in Electrical Engineering with
certificates in Physics and Robotics

Employer/Job Title

Offers for fully-funded PhD programs from Stanford, CMU, MIT,
Cornell, and Upenn


Hertz Fellowship Finalist, Phi Beta Kappa, member of the Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering group (working on projects
including the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge), published the paper “Kratos: Princeton University’s Entry in the 2008 IGVC” at 21st
Annual IS&T/SPIE Symposium on Electronic Imaging, was awarded an NSF fellowship last summer at UPenn.


PGSS was a major factor in my decision to study engineering at Princeton University, and inspired in me a love for science and research that has continued to drive me to apply for PhD programs. Governor’s School was not just a supplement to my normal academic studies, but a radically different experience in learning and discovery that was simply not otherwise available to gifted high school students.