Daniel Denis

Daniel Denis(2003 TA: 2006)


MIT, B.S. in Nuclear Science and Engineering, B.S. in Literature

Employer/Job Title

MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center, High Energy Density
Physics Division –> (from April) Westinghouse Nuclear, Engineer
in Nuclear Materials


NDSEG fellow


PGSS had a profoundly positive effect on my life. It helped me gain admission to MIT, one of the top colleges for science and engineering, which is where I recently received my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. I am expected to receive a master’s degree there as well before continuing on for my PhD, as are many of my PGSS classmates. The second aspect to PGSS’s positive impact on my life is social. My PGSS classmates and I met each other at PGSS six years ago and many of us have stayed together, supporting each other as we each pursued our respective passions.