David Chi

David Chi(2004)


United States Military Academy at West Point
Duke University, B.S. in Biology

Employer/Job Title

Future Plans: Teach For America, Medical School at the Mayo


Top-ranked cadet in overall academic, physical, and military measures at West Point
MIT Amgen Scholar


PGSS was exceptionally valuable in my personal development and maturation. Prior to that summer in 2004, I had always enjoyed the position of being the smartest and most capable student in my high school, but Governor’s Schoolopened my eyes for the first time to peers that were just as competent and talented at me. For the first time in my life, I was challenged by those around me and learned so much from my new friends. But what was most important to me that summer was not the immense knowledge I gained, but the internal humbling that occurred in me and the resulting maturity. I am now always motivated to gain more knowledge into the world and better myself, seeking to resist complacency, yet I am able to balance this drive with the desire for cooperation with my fellow students in the pursuit of collective excellence.