Diana Aronzon

Diana Aronzon(2000)


BA in Chemical Physics, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore PA.
MS in Applied Physics, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied
Sciences, Cambridge MA

Employer/Job Title

Environmental Engineer/Consultant at Harris Miller Miller and
Hanson, Inc.


Anderson, K.S.; Ramachandran, N; Wong, J.; Raphael, J.V.; Hainsworth, E.; Demirkan G.; Cramer, D.; Aronzon, D.; Hodi, F.S.;
Harris, L.; LaBaer, J.; Applications of protein microarrays for mulitplexed detection of antibodies to tumor antigens in breast cancer.
Journal of Proteomic Research. 2008.
Aronzon, D.; Levy, E.; Collings, P.J.; Chanishvili, A.; Chilaya, G.; Petriashvili, G.; Trhans-cis isomerization of an azoxybenzene
liquid crystal. Liquid Crystals. June 2007.
Frydman, L; Shapira, B; Karton, A; Aronzon, D; Real-time 2D NMR identification of analytes undergoing continuous
chromatographic separation. Journal of the American Chemical Society. February 2004.


PGSS was absolutely an essential piece of my development as a scientist and person. It gave me the confidence to pursue the best education I could find and made me believe that this was worthwhile. I had not known my own self-worth prior to attending this phenomenal summer program. One of the features that influenced me the mostwhile there was meeting strong, highly intelligent, and motivated female scientists. They were the best role models I could have everhoped for and they truly inspired me to push myself. They gave me an image of what I was striving to become – and prior to PGSS I hadnot received that image from anywhere else. It deeply saddens me that this experience, that was so revolutionary for me, might not be available to future generations of Pennsylvania students.