George Matcuk

George Matcuk(1993 TA: 1996-1998; resident life director 1999)


Carnegie Mellon BS Biology and BS Chemistry, Stanford
University MD Carnegie Mellon BS Biology and BS Chemistry

Employer/Job Title

University of Southern California currently Fellow in
Musculoskeletal Radiology, Assistant Professor of Clinical
Radiology as of May 2009


07/07-07/08 Resident of the Year, USC Department of Radiology
06/08 Fourth Year Winner LAC/USC Resident Case-of-the-Week Competition
06/06 First Place LAC/USC Resident Case-of-the-Week Competition
06/05 Third Place LAC/USC Resident Case-of-the-Week Competition
9/00-3/01 Genentech Medical Scholars Research Fellowship. Second fellowship awarded for
continuation and expansion of my research in the laboratory of Tom Quertermous, MD.
3/00-9/00 Genentech Medical Scholars Research Fellowship. Awarded for my research creating
an angiogenesis cDNA library in the lab of Tom Quertermous, MD.


Dear Governor Rendell, I recently heard that you are considering cutting funding for the Pennsylvania Governor’s Schools of Excellence due to the general economic downturn and the state’s budget crisis. I plead that you reconsider. The Governor’s Schools of Excellence are a small investment that pays dividends many times over, taking Pennsylvania’s best andbrightest students in a number of fields and giving them opportunities to network with other like-minded students throughout the state and develop their potential in a way like none other available. All while exposing these same students to the best institutions of higher learning the state has to offer. I was a student at the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Sciences (PGSS) in 1993, returned as a counselor in 1996, 1997, 1998, and as the residence life coordinator in 1999. My experiences over those summers had a profound impact on guiding my educational career and shaping me as a person. Although I always had confidence in myself, I never felt a sense of belonging or a shared sense of passion for learning until I experienced PGSS as a student in 1993. The friendships I made there and excellent teaching and mentoring I received was a large factor in my decision to matriculate at Carnegie Mellon University in 1994 (foregoing an appointment to the Naval Academy and admission to MIT among others). My experience also solidified my interest in research and pursuing a career in medicine. I graduated at the top of my class from CMU in 1998, attending Stanford for medical school, and am now set to join the University of Southern California as a musculoskeletal radiology faculty member. My experiences at PGSS laid the foundation for my success. I know that these are difficult times and that many compromises and hard decisions must be made. However, I urge you to continue to fund the Pennsylvania Governor’s Schools of Excellence, particularly the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Sciences. I can imagine few programs the state funds that could have such a large impact for a relatively modest cost. Many former graduates of these programs are now leaders in their respective fields. Their work builds a stronger, better Pennsylvania and spreads nationally the prestige of Pennsylvania’s institutions of higher education. Please don’t rob future generations of these opportunities and deprive Pennsylvania of these future leaders. These skills and opportunities are needed now more than ever. There is no more sound investment you could make. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, George R. Matcuk Jr., MD