Jackee Nowicke

Jackee Nowicke(2003)


MIT, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

Employer/Job Title

The Boeing Company, V-22 Osprey Helicopter Structural
Engineering Analysis



I strongly believe that PGSS helped me get into MIT. Not only did it boost my college application, but the research project I did was an interesting topic on college interviews. PGSS motivated me to stay in the science field, as evidenced by my engineering degree. In terms of benefiting PA, I came back to PA to work for Boeing in the Philadelphia area. Not only was PA investing in improving the my college application, they were also investing in improving the quality of prospective PA employees. In some part to PGSS, I was able to attend a prestigious university, and bring my knowledge and skill set back to PA. If employers see motivated and qualified employees in PA, they are more willing to locate there, thus provided more income for PA. I also know of at least 3 other PGSS students that have attended prestigious universities and are working or planning to work in PA. Also, this might not be a strong argument for continuing funding, but the friendships I have made from PGSS are invaluable. Whether it was already knowing 8 people that I attended MIT with from my PGSS class, or meeting up with PGSS classmates in Boston whoattended other colleges, to meeting up with classmates that are in Philadelphia now, I have a network of people that I know I can count on. In terms of bonds formed at PGSS, perhaps the biggest impact PGSS has made on my life, is that I am still dating the guy I met there, and we have plans to get engaged soon.