Jeremy Hurwitz

Jeremy Hurwitz(2003 TA:2006)


MIT: BS in Math
BS in Computer Science
M.Eng. in Computer Science (current)
CalTech: starting a PhD in Computer Science in Fall 2009

Employer/Job Title

MIT – Graduate Student


Eta Kappa Nu (EECS Engineering Honor Society)
Phi Beta Kappa (Academic Honor Society)
Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Society)
Todd Anderson Teaching Award
Fiekowsky Community Service Award
PCTM Annalee Henderson Outstanding Student Award


I can confidently say, without exaggeration, that PGSS is responsible for who I am today. The experience of being surrounded by 89friends who were just as talented and passionate about science as I am was mind-boggling. When I visited colleges later that summer, I chose MIT because it reminded me of PGSS; many of my friends did the same. In fact, I often joke that the primary difference between PGSS and MIT is that I worked harder at PGSS. While my classmates in Boston were struggling with the workload, Governor’s School had prepared me, allowing me to excel from day one. I have no doubt that this strong start played a large part in my strong finish.The academics, however, are only a part of PGSS’s value. The friends I made there continue to be some of my closest friends today. The self-confidence I gained during my 5 weeks at CMU has been invaluable. The preceding paragraphs probably sound like hyperbole. The summer before attending PGSS I attended a math camp at Hampshire College. I know many people who attended other “nerd camps”, including Governor’s Schools in other states. I can say with confidence that none compare to the experience provided by PGSS.