Joseph Vincent Scarfutti

Joseph Vincent Scarfutti(2000)


University of Pittsburgh – BS in Math, in Economics ; BA in
Philosophy, in Writing, in History ; Minor(s) – Literature,
Chemistry. New York University Stern School of Business –
M.Phil (all but disertation) in theoetical finance.

Employer/Job Title

Murex North America (Consultant)


Culver award for mathematics, Phi Beta Kappa, George Westinghouse Signature Award, Westinghouse Scholarship, Patent pending for
software designed while working as a guest engineer at Westinghouse


Frankly, I’m not sure I’d have ever really applied myself to anything were it not for PGSS. For the social experience alone (i.e. to be among your own kind), the Governor’s School is invaluable. Moreover, the rigor is great preparation for graduate school (undergraduate university will seem like it’s on mute, however). All in all, I think it is an absolute travesty that the state should allow the program to be cancelled (for a measly 350K). The people who go to this school are invariably going to end up paying an extrordinary amount of taxes, and really, this was the only tangiblething they will ever see as a benefit. Personally, if there is anything I can do at all to help (including taking the schools private) I’m happy to oblige. I’m really tired of the nickle and dime job the government keeps shoving down the throat of people with talent and ambition.