Julie Roda

Julie Roda(1997)


Brandeis – B.S. Bio – 2002, Ohio State Univ. – Ph.D. Cancer
Immunology – 2007

Employer/Job Title

Research Scientist – Ohio State Univ. Medical Center


Peer-reviewed publications:
-Parihar, R., Trotta, R., Roda J.M., Ferketich, A.K., Tridandapani, S., Caligiuri M.A., and W.E. Carson, III. 2005. Src homology 2-
containing inositol 5′-phosphatase 1 negatively regulates IFN-g production by natural killer cells stimulated with antibody-coated tumor
cells and interleukin-12. Cancer Res., 65 (19): 9099-9107.
-Roda J.M., Parihar R., and W.E. Carson, III. 2005. CpG-containing oligodeoxynucleotides act through TLR9 to enhance the natural
killer cell cytokine response to monoclonal antibody-coated tumor cells. J. Immunol., 175 (3): 1615-1627.
-Brown L., Roda J.M., Terrell C., RayChaudhury A., Crespin T., Carson W.E. III, and G.B. Lesinski. 2006. Interferon-alpha and CpG
oligodeoxynucleotides elicit additive immune stimulatory and anti-tumor effects. Surgery, 140 (2): 297-306.
-Ganesan L.P., Joshi T., Fang H., Kutala V.K., Roda J.M., Trotta R., Lehman A., Kuppusamy P., Byrd J.C., Carson W.E., Caligiuri
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by SHIP through its influence on PI3K and/or Ras/Erk pathways. Blood, 108 (2): 718-725.
-Roda J.M., Parihar R., Magro C., Nuovo G., Tridandapani S., and W.E. Carson, III. 2006. NK cells produce T cell recruiting
chemokines in response to antibody-coated tumor cells. Cancer Res., 66 (1): 517-524.
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activation in response to antibody-coated targets. J. Immunol., 177 (1): 120-129.
-Roda J.M., Joshi T., Butchar J.P., McAlees J., Tridandapani S., and W.E. Carson, III. 2007. The activation of natural killer cell effector
functions by cetuximab-coated, epidermal growth factor receptor-positive tumor cells. Clin. Cancer Res., 13 (9): 6419-6424.


I came from a small high school in a small town with no scientific research community. I had grown up with the idea that people who are interested in science automatically become doctors. PGSS was the first exposure I had to research science and careers in the sciences outside of medical practice. I guess it stuck.