Kaleigh Felisberto

Kaleigh Felisberto(2005 TA:2008)


University, currently attending for a BA in Chem

Employer/Job Title

The Historian, the official journal of the History Honor Society,
Senior Editorial Assistant


President’s Environmental Youth Award, National Youth Science Camp


PGSS basically made my life what it is. It introduced me to challenging classes with completely new information,presented me with brilliant new friends who shared my interest in science, and fostered a great environment to learn and grow. Everything that has happened since then happened because of PGSS. I attended the National Youth Science Camp as PA’s representative as a direct result. PGSS cemented my interests in science while promoting my maturation in my social life, something that I really needed the boost in. I ran with it; I loved the freedom and responsiblity of the program. Even now, hundreds of miles from home, my friends at school know how important PGSS is to me. I cannot begin to describe the positive impact of Gov School, it’s just that mind-blowing.