Karen Tsai

Karen Tsai(2006)


Princeton University

Employer/Job Title



1st Runner Up in America’s Junior Miss


I cannot express enough the impact the PGSS experience has had on my life. I wrote my college application essay to Princeton on Governor’s School, and am now currently pursing a Computer Science BSE degree with certificates in Neuroscience and Engineering Biology, all while still being pre-medicine. PGSS gave me the inspiration to pursue a dream – the seed of interest was planted in me that summer, and through the experience I gained the confidence to pursue a major in science and engineering in a highly selective university despite my gender or my insecurities at being from a public high school. However, it was not only the academics that made PGSS so priceless to me. I still maintain close and cherished friendships with manyfellow govies three years after attending PGSS, and expect these friendships to last much longer. Through the social events I discovered a love of dance, which I now pursue through joining two dance groups on campus. Through late night talks with govies and TAs I’ve gained a more mature world perspective. Through it all I discovered a sense of identity, confidence, and communication that eventually led me to do very well in the America’s Junior Miss program, resulting in a scholarship award of $44,100. I can’t describe enough how muchGovernor’s School changed every aspect of my life, and how remarkably blessed I feel to have been a part of it. I sincerely hope that this opportunity will continue to be available for future classes and generations.