Kenneth Unice

Kenneth Unice(1991)


B.S. Environmental Engineering, Cornell University
M.S. Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of

Employer/Job Title

Senior Health Scientist, ChemRisk


Co-authored or authored approximately 8 peer-reviewed publications in risk assessment or environmental engineering including:
A Methodology for Estimating Human Exposure to Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA): A Retrospective Exposure Assessment of a
Community (1951-2003) Paustenbach, Dennis; Panko, Julie; Scott, Paul; Unice, Kenneth. Journal of Toxicology and Environmental
Health Part A, Volume 70, Number 1, December 2007 , pp. 28-57(30)
Airborne Concentrations of Asbestos Onboard Maritime Shipping Vessels (1978–1992) Dana M. Murbach, Amy K. Madl, Ken M. Unice,
Jeffrey S. Knutsen, Pamela S. Chapman, Jay L. Brown and Dennis J. Paustenbach Annals of Occupational Hygiene 2008 52(4):267-279
Risk of Gastrointestinal Disease Associated with Exposure to Pathogens in the Sediments of the Lower Passaic River. E. P. Donovan, D.
F. Staskal, K. M. Unice, J. D. Roberts, L. C. Haws, B. L. Finley,and M. A. Harris Applied and Environmental Microbiology, February
2008, p. 1004-1018, Vol. 74, No. 4


-Instrumental in decision to move to Pittsburgh, PA and pursue a career in human health exposure and risk assessment -Motivated me to apply to Cornell University and subsequently graduate with honors in 3 1/2 years-Inspired me to pursue work as a computer programmer on the first multi-media textbook on fluid mechanics while a student at Cornell -Encouraged me to pursue graduate studies in engineering