Kim Hermann

Kim Hermann(1997)


Pennsylvania State University, B.S. in Physics with an honors
degree, Minors in Mathematics and Computer Science, 4.0 GPA,
Schreyer Scholar Ph.D. in Astronomy and Astrophysics, 3.95 GPA

Employer/Job Title

Lowell Observatory, Postdoctoral Researcher


Honors and Awards:
Senior Physics Award & Evan Pugh Senior Award (top 0.5%), 4/02
Evan Pugh Junior Award (top 0.5%) & First Place Physics Poster Award, 4/01
Irvin Kochel Award for Character, Scholarship, Leadership & Citizenship, 4/00
Publications and Copyrights:
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Quite simply, PGSS was the critical impetus I needed to make me decide to become an astronomer. Up until then, Ienjoyed almost all subjects in school (science, math, English, foreign languages, creative writing, chorus, theatre…) and was somewhat leaning towards creative or journal writing or teaching. However, my first real scientific research experience of simulating gravitational lensing with the stems of wine glasses completely enthralled me. That summer is also when the movie “Contact” came out, which I saw in Pittsburgh while I was at PGSS. Like the character of Dr. Ellie Arroway in the movie, I was hooked.