Lynley Doonan

Lynley Doonan(2006)


Carnegie Mellon University 2011

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PGSS led me back to my love of benchwork. When I attended PGSS I was considering doing a computational biology degree in college. However I had no formal programming classes at my high school and only slight lab work. I took programming lab I learned that I didenjoy programming but I really missed the benchwork of the other sciences especially biology. This led me to my major, biology. It alsoled me to fall in love with CMU and want to attend it for college. There is also the people aspect. Our class had an amazing bond, that we still share today. I know so many people that I would have otherwise not in so many different amazing schools with so many differentpassions and interests. It’s awesome to know all these people and to keep this bond to this day. I made so many awesome friends and had such an amazing experience that I wouldn’t have changed anything. It was the best summer of my life and I wish I could experience it again.