Michael Farias

Michael Farias(2000)


University of Pennsylvania – B.A. Biochemistry and Biology
(2005), M.S. Chemistry (2005); Harvard Medical School – M.D.
(anticipated 2010); Harvard Business School – M.B.A. (anticipated

Employer/Job Title

Harvard University, Student


-Wilson L, Ching YH, Farias M, Hartford SA, Howell G, Shao H, Bucan M, Schimenti JC. “Random mutagenesis of proximal mouse
chromosome 5 uncovers predominantly embryonic lethal mutations.” Genome Research 8:1095-1105 (2005)
-Yang S, Farias M, Kapfhamer D, Tobias J, Grant G, Abel T, Bucan M. “Biochemical, molecular and behavioral phenotypes of Rab3A
mutations in the mouse.” Genes, Brain, and Behavior 6:77-96 (2007)
Awards: Eagle Scout Award (2001); National Merit Scholarship Winner (2001); Upenn: Phi Beta Kappa, Benjamin Franklin Scholar,
Vagelos Scholar in Molecular Life Sciences, Makris Award for Excellence in Biochemistry (2005)


I went to a small high school outside of Philadelphia, and as such I did not get to experience many opportunities that larger high schools offered. In addition, I never had the chance to interact with other highly-motivated students interested in science except for brief interactions at science fairs. PGSS was a transformative experience – opening my eyes to brand new aspects of science and mathematics that I had never been exposed to, pushing me to work harder and learn more in a short period of time than I had ever done, and allowing me to interact with a group of students brighter than any other group I had ever met! Living in a college dorm and being taught by university professors with mentoring from outstanding teaching assistants was an amazing experience, and prepared me for college in a way that gave me an edge over my peers. I look back on my memories of PGSS quite fondly, and I know that my time there was a very important factor in helping me better understand my academic abilities and pushing me to excel in high school, college, and beyond. Thank you PGSS!