Michael Pirrello

Michael Pirrello(1986)


Penn State, B.S. Chem 1991

Employer/Job Title

Cree, Inc., EH&S Engineer (Emergency Response Team
Coordinator) Former Team Leader/Team Coordinator (Volunteer)
of North Carolina Hazardous Materials Regional Response Team #4
(April 1997 – August 2004)


Selected Presentations/Publications:
25th Annual College and University Hazardous Waste Conference, Ithaca, NY “The ERG and the Standard of Care for emergency
response” Aug. 2007
Central Carolina Occupational Safety & Health School “Chemical Use: A Considered Approach” Mar. 2006
Carolina Fire Rescue EMS Journal, Fall 2003 Issue “HazMat References: Are they ready? Are you ready?” Oct. 2003
College and University Mail Services Assoc., Spring 2003 Conf., Asheville, NC “Receipt and Handling of Hazardous Materials” Apr.
NC Health Physics Society, Spring 1999 Conference, Wrightsville Beach, NC “Lead Pigs to Bricks – Do-it-Yourself Shielding” Mar. 1999
NorthEast Winter (NEW) Safety ’98, Princeton, NJ “Long-Term Planning to Accomplish Environmental Safety and Health Objectives”
Jan. 1998
14th Annual College and University Hazardous Waste Conference, Salt Lake City, UT “Labpacking I – Taking the Plunge” Aug. 1996
Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (#8263)
NC Firefighter II, NC Fire Instructor III
NC Hazardous Materials III (Specialist)


PGSS impacted my life and career by providing me with true peers. It is impossible for me to overstate the value of those 5 weeks.