Mollie Schwartz

Mollie Schwartz(2004)


Columbia College, Columbia University, BA May 2009 in Chemical

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2008 Goldwater Scholar; 2009 Rhodes Scholar Finalist; Phi
Beta Kappa; Dean’s List
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PGSS, quite simply, turned me into a scientist. Like many bright young students, I spent my time in high school interested ineverything: on any given day, I planned to be a human rights lawyer, a professional musician, a martial artist, a scientist, a rabbi, or the President, with no clear preferences and no real mechanism for choosing. At PGSS, though, I got to work in a lab. Until this point, science had been equations, derivations and puzzles: an interesting mind game, but not more. In the lab, however, science came alive. I loved getting my hands dirty in the pursuit new scientific knowledge, and I especially loved doing so in the company of other excited young scientists. PGSS showed me that the life of a scientist is intellectually vigorous, physically tactile, and socially rich. Real lab experience is almost impossible to get as a high-school student, especially in more rural parts of Pennsylvania. It breaks my heart that young Pennsylvanians will not get to experience the vitality of science the way I did.