Nina Hsu

Nina Hsu(2001)


Duke University (BS, 2006), University of Pennsylvania (MA, 2008;
PhD expected 2012)

Employer/Job Title

University of Pennsylvania, graduate student



PGSS allowed me to conduct original college-level research in organic chemistry, foster a love for science and research that continues today, forge lasting friendships with 89 other remarkable individuals, and create five weeks of memories that I continue to look upon fondly. Where else but PGSS could you attend classes in computer science, physics, and biology in the morning, then visit “Crimes of Fashion” to buy a costume for the 70’s-themed party that night? Make no mistake – I worked harder than I ever had before at PGSS, but I was immersed in and surrounded by an incredibly supportive and amazing community. My interests eventually strayed from organic chemistry, but PGSS instilled in me a love for science and research. Following a degree in neuroscience from Duke University, in which I conducted independent research in a cognitive neuroscience lab, I am currently a third year graduate student in neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania.Research in science is by no means a straight path – it is often full of stumbles and long-winding detours. But my first experience with research came from PGSS, and I attribute my continued pursuit and thirst for knowledge to that.