Pam Montayne

Pam Montayne(2001)


Penn State, B.S. Aerospace Engineering ’05, M.S. Aerospace
Engineering ’08

Employer/Job Title

The Boeing Company (Philadelphia), Aerospace Engineer (in
military aircraft research and development)



Before PGSS, I had never been academically challenged in my rural public high school. At the beginning of PGSS, I was struggling to keep up with the other students who were better prepared for the rigorous program than I was. With help from the TA’s and my fellow students, I caught up and learned to enjoy solving science problems. Learning that I could excel in a challenging environment was an invaluable lesson that helped me make the decision to become an aerospace engineer. Years after I attended PGSS, I worked my way up to the top of my classes in both undergraduate and graduate school. Currently, I work for a major aerospace company, performing militaryaircraft research and development in Philadelphia. It is a job I really enjoy and that helps our country, and I am not sure I would be doing this if I hadn’t attended PGSS.