Patricia Foo

Patricia Foo(2000)


Harvard, BA in Biochemical Sciences

Employer/Job Title

Medical Student, Stanford University School of Medicine



PGSS was instrumental is convincing me that I was and could be successful as a scientist. It truly opened my eyes to the process of scientific research and prepared me for the rigorous academic coursework that I would encounter in college. Although I attended a very good public high school, I think that I would not have been nearly as prepared for my college coursework had I not attended PGSS. The PGSS graduates who mentored and guided us through the summer served as phenomenal role models of success in science at world-class universities. Furthermore, PGSS convinced me that it was socially acceptable to be a nerdy scientist! It was the first time that I was able torelish being a lover of science and make esoteric scientific jokes about special relativity and feel celebrated and socially accepted for it. I am now a devout scientist for life, pursuing an MD-PhD in Health Policy with a focus on health economics.