Sara Mustin

Sara Mustin(2002)


MIT Class of 2007, BS in Computer Science & Engineering

Employer/Job Title

Google, Partner Technology Manager


MIT Bachelor of Science, June 2007:
Majored in Computer Science and Engineering
Minored in Mathematics and Women’s Studies
Member of Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Honor Society)
Member of Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Society)
MIT: GPA 5.0/5.0


PGSS was the primary reason I became interested in pursuing engineering. PGSS was the first time I was really challenged by math and science classes in a way that also inspired and motivated me. When I was choosing which college to attend, I chose MIT because my experience at PGSS gave me the confidence that I could be successful even when faced with challenging classes. Actually, it was one of the peers I met at PGSS who sparked my interest in applying to MIT in the first place! PGSS made me realize that I wanted to spend 4 years surrounded by really smart people because it was motivating and collaborative, and that I was “smart enough” to belong. Currently I work for Google as a Partner Technology Manager. Everyday I’m faced with challenging problems of how to create innovativeproducts that best meet the needs of Google’s partners. The technology is complex, the market is constantly changing, and finding the best solution requires collaborating with a lot of people and being a team player. PGSS has helped build the foundation for approaching challenging problems in a collaborative way and not getting frustrated when a solution isn’t obvious.