Stanley Zheng

Stanley Zheng(2007)


Harvard College Class of 2012 (Degree Candidate in Applied

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I think that the most amazing thing about PGSS is the friendships made. I still keep in contact with a significant portion of PGSSers. For instance, a PGSSer from Pittsburgh (I live in Philly) has become my best friend. The people are great, and you find common interests with other students through PGSS. The late nights–working on problem sets together–bring us closer as friends and really defined my experience at PGSS. Everything was done collectively and as a unit. Kids truly cared for each other. Although I may have forgot most ofwhat I learned at PGSS, the concepts still stick with me, but most of all, the friends are still there for me. I remain in contact with a dozen of the PGSSers because they have become some of my closest friends. PGSS is more than just an education for the gifted; it is a way for people to build relationships and find mutual interests. PGSS has changed my life because it has allowed me to develop as an individual who has had to manage academics, extracurriculars, and relationships away from home. I have grown and become much more mature and intelligent in the way I behave because of PGSS. I think that PGSS is an invaluable experience, and if I could, I would go through the experience again.