Todd Ellis

Todd Ellis(1996 TA: 1999)


Penn State B.S. in Physics and Meteorology, Honors in
Meteorology; MS and PhD in Atmospheric Science, Colorado State

Employer/Job Title

Professor at SUNY College at Oneonta, Oneonta, NY


I received the American Meterological Society Graduate Fellowship sponsored by the NSF in 2002


I could go on about many things that PGSS did for me. Professionally, I honed my ability to handle strenuous academic loads andextracurricular activities while at PGSS. I learned what it is to see a research project from concept to presentation – skills that serve me well as I start my own research program at a primarily undergraduate institution. The computing skills I learned from PGSS have continued to help me excel in every academic setting I’ve encountered. It is not an exaggeration to say that the formative experience of PGSS prepared me to hit the ground running in college and to distinguish myself from an early point in my career. That early success helped me to create further opportunities for distinction, which in turn paved the way to three successful graduate school applications with distinguished awards at all three. To have my choice of three premier atmospheric science programs was largely attributable to the successful start in college I got from PGSS. Personally, I learned how to interact with other exceptional students in a college like setting. I learned how to be assertive, how to contribute in a group, and most importantly what it means to be a leader in an academic setting. How to utilize others strengths, how to be decisive, when to step back and let others receive credit. The leadership award I received from PGSS in 1997 was just the start of the ways I was able to become a leader amongst my colleagues since PGSS. The skills I developed as a TA at PGSS in 1999 went even further to awaken my desire to be an educator as well as a researcher – a significant part of who I am now as a professor at a small public college. I have been deeply saddened to learn of the governor’s proposed cuts to PGSE. I cannot overstate the importance this experience has had in my life, and I would hate to see Pennsylvania lose the opportunity to groom the talented students that the economy needs right now. If there is more I can do to assist in these efforts, please let me know. If you need specific anecdotes, I will provide them. Thanks